Friday, May 11, 2012

Sorry...I've been busy!

My "real" job has kept me on the road and away from blogdom.  I have dropped in from time to time on Mark Shea, The Catholic Knight, SNN and Fr. Z's blogs and made some comments, but that's been to the extent of my activities.

I thoroughly encourage y'all to check out the above blogs....especially The Catholic Knight's (  He has posted some outstanding articles, "penned" from his own fingers and fertile mind, and I can't say I could have done any better.  He makes me proud to call him a brother Catholic and Southern Gentleman.

The activities of the DC Empire and the Tyrant's Regime have really made me concerned for my family and my people.  I do realise that many people see through the BS of the regime and the media, and I am very encouraged by what our young people think and believe (see, we should give them more credit than we do!

Bottom line is this:

The Catholic Church is under attack in an open and unabated way as it never has been before in North America.  "Columbia" magazine (produced by the Knights of Columbus) is commemorating the abuses the Church went through in Mexico in the 1920's.  If you have access to the magazine, read the articles pertaining to this time in Mexican history.  It explains the tidal wave we're experiencing in Dixie in in other areas north of our borders, and highlights, perhaps, the source of this tidal wave.  In no way am I claiming that assisting the poor people who came into the US legally at that time are responsible for the tidal wave, but I do believe that the repression by the Mexican government and the initial indifference by the DC government and many of it's citisens (i.e. the Klan offered to send members to help fight against the Cristianos in Mexico) set a trend in place that is still evident today.

Anti-white and Anti-southern (Confederate) bigotry is on an all-time rise in entertainment and media outlets. Ignorant and (even worse) educated agents of hate are continously polarising the population against true Confederate values of morals, family (mom and dad and kids), religion and love of culture and country.  It's bad enough the Yankees began re-writing history before General Lee broke his sword at Appomattox, but the stark ignorance of many, especially within Dixie's own borders is so shocking that I believe there is a resurgence of Southern Nationalism.  Evidence is on the rise when you see sites about Black Confederates and Southern Pride websites all over the internet.  It is up to the Gen Xers (of which I am a part) and the Millennials to educate themselves outside of the classroom about the true history of the Confederacy and why it even came to be in the first place and to pass it on!!

I mentioned "anti-white".  Yes..I am white.  I am proud of being white.  If you're not white and you're reading this and you're offended that I am proud of being white, I ask you; are you proud of who you are?  You should be.  I have no problem with blacks being proud of being black, hispanics being proud of being hispanic, Amer-Indians being proud of being Amer-Indians (my wife and children are), etc.  That does not make you or me a racist or, more accurately, a bigot.  A racist is the inherent belief that one race is superior to another.  A bigot displays hatred or dislike of another due to his/her difference in race, creed or national origin.  So, wherever your lineage is from; be proud!  Just don't be a bigot or a racist.

I have been praying the rosary of our Blessed Mother for the last 6 weeks or so, and I must say that my life has been wonderful.  I have tried in times past to pray the rosary and I usually ended up stopping for one reason or another.  I am doing some different things that have trained my mind on contemplating the particular mysteries and it has been enjoyable.  If you are a Catholic, I encourage you to pray the rosary as often as you can if you're not doing so already.  If you're a protestant and are reading this and wondering what the rosary is or have some questions regarding the what's, when's, why's and how's, then please click on this web site and learn more about this devotion Catholics have to the Mother our Our Lord.

May God's Blessings rain down upon you all.

Feds out of Dixie
Free Florida
Free Georgia
Deo Vindice!