Monday, December 17, 2012

If They Ignore You, They Think You'll Go Away.....

Certain events, like the unfortunate and horrible attack in the elementary school in Connecticut, are at the forefront of news events all over.  Rightfully so.  Twenty little children were taken from life here on God's Earth in a most violent way.  We should focus our prayers for the community and the families of all the victims.  Children were probably not the only ones scared to go to school today...I am sure some educators were too.  Hug your children and your educators and tell them you love them!

That being said...our cause, secession..which was front page news for a while..has now been brushed aside..buried, if you will.  Understandable, given what's happened.

However, while we can mourn for the dead, we must not forget that a growing Leviathan in DC is not deterred by these events and continues to consume your freedoms and your treasure.  This must not stop!

Contact your State Legislator, tell him/her that secession is the only way for your state to survive the disaster they call the so called "United" States of America.  While the event in Connecticut has united us in sadness and sympathy, we are still a divided people with less in common now than even in 1861.  Time to separate is now.

Deo Vindice!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 is the new 1861

Southerners who trust the GOP or Democrat parties are following a Fool's game. We tried it the GOP way after the Democrat party's leftward shift went too far. The GOP elite plays us for fools; the act like they care about our heritage and tell us all sorts of lies in order for us to go along with them and then they disappoint and act like they don't know us afterwards.
Southern Nationalists - I 
hope this damn election was a wake up call to you. Drop the Republicans and Democrats like a hot potato. They don't give a damn about you, me or our Southern way of life. They are both treasonous and complicit as they both allow Third Worlders to invade our countries (States) and force our governments to give them free services subsidised by us, the taxpayers. It is time to organise an effort to start your State's articles of separation and secession. If not your State, then your county. Get off your asses and get it done. I am just as guilty as the rest of you....and I apologise...I assumed my words and actions would be enough, but I guess I was wrong. Time to take action and to become a Southern Nationalist activist. I will never give in to the leviathan known as the DC Machine. GOP and Democrats are treasonous...they do not care about you, they only care about buying votes from the lowest common denominator. Purge the Yankee government from your area, your county, your state. Don't wait for someone else to do it...YOU must take the first step. Walk with me...join the League of the South, read SNN, listen to Mike Church and do your homework. There are hard times ahead.
Deo Vindice!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

"It Is Fitting Indeed and Just"

Why do I keep saying this during the Mass?  Ever since the revised translation of the Mass last November, the reply of "It is right to give Him thanks and praise" was replace (appropriately) with "It is right and just"...however, my 1955 Missal has the translation as "It is fitting indeed and just".  And since I read that missal daily, I admit that during the Preface, I unconsciously say "fitting" instead of "right".

How are you doing almost one year after the new translation?  I'd love to read your comments.

Deo Vindice!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mass Hysteria Stories

As you know, the Church acknowledged the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of what we now refer to as Vatican II.  The intent by the Holy Father was to modernise the Church, however many of us know that the attempt to modernise was hijacked and corrupted way beyond the imagination of a great many people.

The revision of the English-language Novus Ordo, which was long overdue, is approaching her one year anniversary.  In the comboxes below, please share your struggles with these changes, and just frustrations you have with the NO in general over the past 45 years.

Jimmy Akin shared a story about the "troping" of the Agnus Dei in the National Catholic Register; which is and has been a bur in my saddle forever.  It was confusing to sing along with (which I *hate* singing the AD and the Pater Noster...hand holding too) and, according to Jimmy who did the research, it's *wrong*!

I've already shared my NO struggles; singing the Pater Noster (which, thankfully our parish does not do), holding hands during the Pater Noster (which, unfortunately our parish and many, many others do :-/), lay Eucharistic Ministers (disclaimer:  I used to be one until I realised this should only be done by a priest or a deacon), and (I know I'm gonna catch hell for this one) "altar girls".  Again, disclaimer:  my daughter was one...I was very proud of her (and still am) however, this was before I learned that this is a gateway for young men to discern for Holy Orders which we all know is not open to women (or wymyn for you femi-nazis or pantsuit nuns).

I'd love to see your responses!

Benefaciat vobis Deus!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Extremely Powerful Message

Watch and take note.  Help save the Catholic Church!

Monday, September 24, 2012

"Happy"(?) Habeas Corpus Suspension Day!

One hundred fifty years ago today, the Tyrant of the Northern American States, Abe Lincoln, suspended habeas corpus, using the secession of the sovereign Southern States as an excuse.

He then sent Federal troops to occupy New York City because the mayor had expressed a desire not only to secede from the State of New York, but from the Union itself so they could continue trade with the Southern States.  The mayor's brother was a newspaper publisher who sympathised with the Southern States and subsequently his newspaper was shut down.

He also sent Federal troops to Maryland, whereby they arrested and imprisoned the legislature because they had overwhelming support therein to vote to secede and join their Southern brethren.  Ironically, Francis Scott Key's grandson was one of the many civilians in Maryland that was arrested and jailed.

He also arrested and deported Ohio Senator Van Landingham to Canada because of his vocal sympathy of the Southern Secession.

Remember:  this is the guy Tyrant Obama fancies himself as being the most like.

Father Z has a great article, enjoy:

You didn't learn any of that crap in skool, did you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Thoughts on 09/11/2001

I purposely said nothing about yesterday's anniversary.


While I grieve for the innocent lives that were lost that day...and I have no love for the militant Muzzies that were responsible for the attack, I don't feel the same way I did on the actual day.

Let me paint the picture.  I've always been proud of the South and had hated how she is portrayed in media, entertainment, etc.  I've hated how she was painted in regards to slavery, the cause of the "Civil War" [from this point referred to as the War of Northern Aggression or WNA] being her fault and other stupid things.  But I considered myself an American Patriot and was proud of that too.  Many of my Southern contemporaries felt the same way, so you can imagine what may have gone through my mind on the morning of 9/11.

My wife was working that day as a substitute I couldn't call her.  I needed to hear her voice to quell the fear I had brewing in my mind.  My children....were they okay?  They were in school...but what was going on there?  Were we a target?  My employees were freaking out and I had to be the cool hand, even though I didn't want to.

While at work we were glued to the TV.  When I got home I turned on the TV and watched the coverage for hours.  "Terrorism.  Bin Laden," I thought to myself.  I don't even remember when I hear that guy's name for the first time, but it popped into my head, before it was official that he was responsible.

Saying all that..during the time I have read, and watched, and read, and prayed.  I learned a lot about the roots of the American Revolution, the struggle of the Founders to establish a confederacy of States with a common central government, how they pitched the Articles of Confederation and replaced it with the Constitution to appease the big government Federalists of Hamilton, et al.  I learned how this set the table for the eventual secession of the seven Southern States after the election of Lincoln, the real reason Lincoln invaded the South [against the wishes of the majority of the Northern population, his military advisors and his inner circle, thereby forcing six other States to secede], and after he replaced many of the original generals, the total destruction and murder of old men, old women, mothers, children and slaves.  The deplorable conditions of the so-called Reconstruction and it's subsequent treatment of all Southerners, white and black, as second class citizens.  I read all of this..many of the sources were eye witnesses and are still available to anyone who wants to do the hard work of looking into the real story of the Confederacy, the first major country that was conquered by a growing Federal leviathan in Federal City.

This chain of events lead to the conquest of the Philippines, kicking the Spanish out of Cuba, entry into the European Great War and it's second war of German/Italian Fascist aggression, ending with the USA bombing of a predominately Christian city named Nagasaki.  The empire must continue to grow, and continued to do so after VJ Day until we have arrived at the 09/11/2001~09/12/2012 time period, under the guise of the "Global War on Terror" [GWOT].

These chain of events have awakened many who considered themselves Southern American Patriots and made them/us realise they/we are just as oppressed and occupied as the Philippines or Iraq, including yours truly.

So while I don't believe the violence that happened that day was justified, and I wish it had never happened and those people were still alive today, I am not going to delude myself with the whole American Exceptionalism mindset that justifies flying off everywhere they think the next threat that's out there.  They can keep doing it all they want for all I care....I just don't want them using Southern men and women as their cannon fodder, our hard earned treasure to finance it and relinquish my personal liberties.

Secession has already been attained.  We must end the Federal occupation of the sovereign States of the Confederacy or else we will continue to slide towards Sodom and Gomorrah.

Deo Vindice!
Jefferson Davis signed NO peace treaty.

Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC - The Final Night

If you're a red-blooded American and fan of the Empire it's become, you probably had the Chris Matthews thrill up your leg last night as Romney accepted his choreographed nomination.  "Choreographed?" you ask.  Yes...let's face it...the whole primary process this time around was a farce.  In my opinion, the only two candidates that I really wanted to get the nomination were personally destroyed by both political parties and by the Marxist media, and that was Herman Cain and Ron Paul.

While Cain and Paul are not carbon copies in ideology, I believe that each had more to contribute than Romney.

Water under the bridge.

Now we have to endure the complete insanity of Romney vs Obama for the office of Emperor or Tyrant.  While I believe none of these men will be a Friend of the South, I do believe Romney will cancel the federal war on the Catholic Church and other Christian faiths.  As far as the other liberties that we've lost over the last 150 years, I have no illusions of them being restored any time soon.

All that being said, I do believe Romney is a better choice than Obama, even though I think an Obama victory will hasten a return to a free Confederacy quicker than a Romney victory.  You've read my thoughts on this before and I still remain conflicted about this as I want nothing more than to live a life free of the Empire and it's tentacles, do what is best for my family, work at the job I want, buy the house I want and do to my property what is best by *my* standards, eat the food *I* want to eat, drink raw milk without worrying about incarceration from state and federal authorities.  I don't want drones flying over my house, I don't care what a bunch of idiots in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russia or where ever the hell they are, are doing, saying or whatever.

As Jefferson Davis famously said, I "just want to be left alone".  That's it, end of story.  End of post.

Get the Empire out of Dixie!!

Deo Vindice.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Are Watching - RNC

We really don't have a dog in this hunt.  I mean, the GOP is (if one can really say this) a little more Southern friendly than the white-hating, Southern-hating, self-hating, abortion-loving Stalinists in the former party of Jefferson.  I am sure Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave today as he is watching from On High what is happening to his nation and his party, which loves to mention him publicly when they're not lying about him privately.

I saw, with amusement, the speech from the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia as he likened himself amongst the ranks of Jefferson and Henry and thought to myself, "really??"  Sorry Governor, with all due respect, you and your contemporaries cannot hold a candle to these brave men.  Maybe once you've invested the same amount of money, sweat and blood I can start to think about it.

In the meantime, as the continued coronation of Mitt Romney continues, please know that the spies of the Confederacy are watching in keen interest.

Deo Vindice to my fellow countrymen and countrywomen!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Confederate Spies at the Political Conventions

They are everywhere, I am sure.  And many don't know who each other are, but I can say there is a least one Southern Nationalist/Secessionist that will be at the RNC....and they are *not* the protesters.

I will go out on a limb and say that any Confederate would get a better treatment at the RNC as opposed to the DNC, which is irony in the least.  What a difference 150 years makes!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Election

No.  Not this one.  This one is already over.  Think about what you need to do by 2016.

With Obama it's:  "what do you want?" - "SOCIALISM!!" - "when do you want it?" - "NOW!!!!!!"

With Romney it'll be:  "what do you want?" - "SOCIALISM!!" - "when do you want it?" - " a little while, I that okay?  While you're not looking?"

So which is worse; pure unadulterated, straight shooting totalitarianism by a sociopathic Tyrant, or soft tyranny by a former capitalist-turned-politican?

Don't get me wrong.  I am very conflicted on this.  In one scenario I see an Obama victory as a victory for the re-birth of Southern Independence....though I fear it will be a bloody one because he will not let the States go peacefully, just like his "hero" Lincoln.  He'll use drones, planes and other heavy artillery and wreak havoc on the citizenry of the South.  Even if the sons and daughters of the South who are currently serving in the federal military refuse to fire upon their own people, Obama will surely find willing volunteers in many of the Occupy/Black Panther/Organised Labour and other movements that are die hard supporters of his.  I don't fear so much for myself as I do my wife and children, and those who are weak and elderly as they will be easy targets for the empire's forces.

The other scenario holds a Romney victory.  While it may save the Union fiscally and financially, it will continue the the existence of the Yankee Empire.  The bull in the china closet, the world's bully.  I don't know whether Romney will cancel out Obamacare like he's promising....he may just neutralise it.  So, in my opinion, a Romney victory will slow the slide towards Sodom and Gomorrah.

As you look at a map of the continent, you will see that people who favour a more totalitarian (womb to tomb) government are in most major cities and in the northern part of North America (NA), while in the Southern and mid-Southwestern parts prefer a more republican style government.  So I ask, why the union? If a relationship goes bad, don't the participants (after trying to resolve the problems), resort to seperation, if not dissolution of the union/relationship?  Why can it not happen again?  Who says that Washington DC is the end all/be all?  Surely not even the US Constitution says that!!  So why do you sit there and live in fear of a entity that has no more power than what is spelled out on a piece of paper written over the course of 230 years?  Why are you giving them that power?  Look at yourself...then look at your community...then your state...then look at the US Constitution and decide whether you're better off with them or without.

I've made my choice.

Deo Vindice!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Take Immediate Action

I published this on Facebook.  The only thing I am adding (hindsight is such a pain in the rear sometimes) is I advise the same advice for all Orthodox Roman Catholics and other Orthodox Christians who hold to biblical teachings:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Confederacy, and Copperheads (and all Orthodox Roman Catholics and other Orthodox Christians who hold to biblical teachings),
Be prepared for the re-election of the Tyrant Obama. It will happen. Voter fraud is rampant and the Republicans are too weak to challenge it because they don't want to appear as racist, sore losers or mean-spirited. I also believe it's because they really don't care about the results because as long as they still get a seat at the table of power in the USA, they will be happy. They do *not* care about you....bottom line.
Make sure your passports are up to date. If you don't plan to leave, then make sure you join a local League of the South chapter or start your own local chapter. Make sure you have plenty of emergency rations. Make sure you are armed adequately, and reach out to your neighbours to ensure that you all will look out for each other. Your neighbourhood may be the safest place for you.
God Save the South! Deo Vindice!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Sorry I have been scarce.  I've been very busy with family, work, Knights of Columbus and stuffing my face with Chick Fil A sammiches this past week.

Next week I will be travelling for work and may not be able to jump on too much.

Check out Fr. Z, SNN, etc., you know the drill.  Hopefully I will be back by Thursday, 9 August.

Until then, ciao and fried green tomatoes and all that!

Deo Vindice!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Boycott Boston

The narrow minded mayor of Boston, capital of Yankeedum (misspelling intended) is calling for a shutdown of any Chick Fil A restaurant in her city, citing their "intolerance" for gay (so-called) marriage.

Question:  where did Mr. Cathey say he "hated" gays or gay (so-called) marriage?

Answer:  He didn't.  He DID say his Christian faith was at odds (it's called paraphrasing people) with gay (so-called) marriage, but no where did he SAY he hated it.

Read Mayor Thomas Menino's ridiculous comments in the linked article: 

Fine. The mayor sounds like a little girl who got her dolly stolen from her.  Hey, Ms. Menino, we don't need your so-called tolerance or your money afterall.

 If I was the Cathey family, I'd shake the dust of Boston (and anywhere else in Yankeedom) off of my feet and build my Chick Fil A somewhere else.  Who needs that city full of liberal, anti American, anti Christians anyway?

Semper Fidelis, to whom?

Now that the Empire's Marines have had about eleven full years of experience as street cops in Iraq and Afghanistan, they are forming "law enforcement" units.  When I saw that at first, I thought maybe it was for internal purposes, you know, like MP's.  But I was wrong.  To wit:

The pull quote that jumped out a me was:  " 'Am I a Marine or a cop? Can I be both?" he said. "Cops apply human rights law and Marines apply the law of war. Now that it's blended, it makes it tougher for the young men and women who have to make the decision as to when deadly force is not appropriate.' "

The thing that gets me is the AP, who is doing the reporting, is quick to say it's for fighting against drug cartels and other criminal elements, in South America and other places.  What they're not saying is what are the chances these elite forces will be utilised by local law enforcement agencies?  What if Cobb County, Georgia needs "assistance" in tracking drug runners on Interstate 75?  When will it end?  Any time the government expands it's power, it's a 99.9999999999999999% chance they will not surrender it.  We already have too much federal intervention, why are the people allowing this to happen?

They are the employees and we are the employers.  When are both sides going to wake up and realise that?

Friday, July 20, 2012


Prayers go out to the victims and families of the killing spree in Aurora, Colorado.

May God grant them peace and that they feel His love.

May the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace.


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Class Warfare in the Empire and the Tenth Commandment

Ex 20:17 - "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's house: neither shalt thou desire his wife, nor his servant, nor his handmaid, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is his." Douay-Rheims

In today's instant gratification, materialistic society, that dog don't hunt.

Many people in the media, political spectrums and religious organisations play up on wealth envy, class envy, ill-gotten gains, etc....but where did it come from?

Some say it's as old as civilisation itself.
Some say it's something Karl Marx put forth in his writings.
Some say it's something the Progressives ginned up.
I say it's more like "all of the above".

While I don't doubt that Mug-wuh the cave man was jealous that his neighbour, Wug-muh had a bigger and nicer cave, I don't really think Mug-wuh wanted Wug-muh's income taxed at a significantly higher rate.

So why is all this talk about rich paying their fair share, etc., so prominent in today's public conversation?  Are we really seeing the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer because the rich are cheating the system or are just plain old jerks who want us plebes to drink dirty water, breathe dirty air and drive death-trap vehicles?


The rich need us as much as we need the rich.

They need people to work to help them make money.
We need jobs, so we can get paid, to spend on food, housing, cars, bling, etc.
That money we spend goes to....erm..people who own businesses that employ people that want to get paid so they get the picture.

Then along comes government....they produce no goods, add no value and make rules they themselves don't follow, but expect us to.  They, with the help of their agents in the media, spread propaganda and lies to divide the population; blacks/whites/red/yellow/brown, Catholics/Protestants/Jews/Muslims, rich/middle class/poor until there's one big fuster cluck.  Political anarchy ensues and the government is the only one who wins....lefties and righties.  The people get screwed and don't even get kissed.

If we really wanted to get back to basics, we should take a little walk through the Ten Commandments every once in a while. Today's society is an anathema to them.  Everything that is popularised is a direct cancellation of a Commandment.  We need to work on reversing that.  If we do, divorce goes away, gay marriage goes away, crime goes down, atheism goes down, and yes...wealth envy goes down.

Jesus said we'll always have the poor but we won't always have Him.  Hmmm.....sounds different now to me than it did before.  Perhaps if we have more of Him, we'll have less poor?

Deo Vindice!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

God, please help me!

I don't know if it's just my turn, but have you ever woken up, done your morning routine, start work and then find that within 30 minutes to an hour you wish the day was ending because everything you're involved with is in epic fail mode?

Today is that day for me.

Please pray for me that it gets better and that I don't go on a verbal killing spree......

I confess to Almighty God, 
to blessed Mary ever Virgin, 
to blessed Michael, the Archangel, 
to blessed John the Baptist, 
to the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, 
to all the Saints and to you, Father, that I have sinned exceedingly, in thought, word and deed, 
through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. 
Therefore I beseech the blessed Mary, ever Virgin, 
blessed Michael the Archangel, 
blessed John the Baptist, 
the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, 
all the Saints, 
and you, Father, to pray to the Lord our God for me. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Blog for Southern Nationalists!!

Courtesy of Matthew of; if you're interested in Southern Independence and the Southern way of life, then this is the blog for you!

Be sure to check out Matthew's website too!

Deo Vindice!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where will we go if Obama wins?

I've heard this question before.  I've wondered myself.

Many fellow Southern Nationalists have said an Obama victory would be good for the cause of Southern Independence as his horrible policies will destroy the US Empire and allow regional secession and/or fracturing to occur.  It's possible, however, Tyrant Obama will still have the big guns and the drones and missiles, and I believe, like his hero, Tyrant Abe Lincoln, he will have no qualms using them on anyone who dares defy his Imperial Greatness.  Many have disagreed with me because it will be hard for him to get people in the military and law enforcement to go along with that...but all he needs is the right number of high ranking military officers and big city mayors who think like him and a war, the likes no one has seen on this continent in over 150 years, will be had.  Whoever runs out of money, bullets and the will to fight will be the victors.  Since Tyrant Obama is the only one who can print money, I doubt he will run out of money....but money is useless if he loses his minions who will fight for him.

Another idea is an exodus.  It has happened many times over the history of the world.  People leave an area for many reasons.  We see in France where many affluent people are leaving because the new president of France is jacking up taxes on the evil rich.  So they leave and take their money with them.  I read the same has (and still is) happening in New York and Maryland.  I had once, tongue in cheek, suggested that we swap populations with Haiti.  They all come to the USA...and those of us that had enough, convinced that the American Dream, such as it is, is indeed dead...or that Southern Independence will never happen, go to Haiti to start over.  Where do you think the two places will be in five years?  I firmly believe that our New Haiti (which we will rename Dixiana) will be well on her way to being a free trade juggernaut in the world, an importing and exporting Mecca, if you will, meanwhile the USA will continue it's free-fall into the dust heap of history with it's social programmes, government sponsored racism and endless regulations.

So am I all wet?  Don't know.  I am not expecting a "Dixiana" would be a Confederate Utopia, but it will be a hell of a lot better than what is going on here now...and a re-elected Tyrant Obama will make it even worse.  Mark those words.  That's why I am writing this now, while I still can.  I will gladly retract if he loses, but I doubt it given the amount of fraud and corruption associated with this government...and I will be bold enough to say that when Tyrant Obama wins re-election, it will be last democratic election the USA will ever have and Tyrant Obama will be POTUS for life.

So like Neal Boortz always preached, make your exit strategy plans now while you still can.


I am a big advocate of holistic medicine.  Maybe some of the readers are not surprised by that fact.

I am in full belief that God has given us all we need to cure ourselves in the foods that we eat.  I'm talking about natural foods, grass fed, free range, organically grown, etc. which is the way our forebears ate prior to "big food", etc. took over the industry.

So I subscribe to many of these types of websites and their newsletters and I was surprised that one of them had an opinion against ObamaCare's passage....and that his readers (not all!!) smacked back at him!!  What a bunch of jerks!!  Here this guy is trying to make his readers healthier with his research and products (many of which, if they are followed, healthcare would not be needed) and these a-holes are bitching and moaning and calling him a partisan hack because he advocates that WE take charge of our health, not a government entity.

As he stated, he is not political, however it is clear that regardless of political philosophy, this legislation is chock full of Marx and Lenin wet dreams...and it took a so-called "capitalistic" empire like the United States to enact this garbage.  Check out the link: and decide for yourself.

If you don't know Dr. Al Sears, check out the rest of his website and buy something from him.  He'll appreciate it...and your well being will too!

A disclaimer:  Dr. Al Sears does not know who I am and wouldn't know me if I bumped into him on the street, so I am not getting anything in return for talking about this, nor do I expect any.  He is just a long list of doctors whose articles and products I enjoy.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The End is Nigh! With your help....

I don't mean that in a biblical sense.

With SCOTUS's ruling this past week it is very evident the Empire's attitude toward it's subjects is one of "do as I say, not as I do".  This continuation of the declaration of war upon it's citizens should tell you all you need to know that, with your help, the Empire is in a mode of desperation and recognises that it cannot sustain itself without more of your treasure.

Such is life in an evil Empire.  Look at the Soviet Union and it's failure to keep itself together.

Thankfully, many of the chief executives of the (still) sovereign States of this so-called Union are committed to non-participation in this totalitarian piece of legislation.  Governor Rick Scott of federally occupied Florida said on Friday that he will ignore the law...a nullification if you will.  It will be ultimately up the the legislature, but I believe there are enough Neo-coms and real conservatives in the legislature to approve nullification.  I hope I am right.

I encourage everyone reading this to put pressure on your State's legislative and executive branches.  Advocate for nullification of this law.  This is one step from secession...and (like secession) it's legal.  If enough States do this it could pave the way for independence from the DC Leviathan once and for all.

Remember...all it took for the Soviet Empire to fall was a wall coming down.  Is this our wall?

Wake up Confederates, sons and daughters of Dixie!

Deo Vindice!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sorry...I've been busy!

My "real" job has kept me on the road and away from blogdom.  I have dropped in from time to time on Mark Shea, The Catholic Knight, SNN and Fr. Z's blogs and made some comments, but that's been to the extent of my activities.

I thoroughly encourage y'all to check out the above blogs....especially The Catholic Knight's (  He has posted some outstanding articles, "penned" from his own fingers and fertile mind, and I can't say I could have done any better.  He makes me proud to call him a brother Catholic and Southern Gentleman.

The activities of the DC Empire and the Tyrant's Regime have really made me concerned for my family and my people.  I do realise that many people see through the BS of the regime and the media, and I am very encouraged by what our young people think and believe (see, we should give them more credit than we do!

Bottom line is this:

The Catholic Church is under attack in an open and unabated way as it never has been before in North America.  "Columbia" magazine (produced by the Knights of Columbus) is commemorating the abuses the Church went through in Mexico in the 1920's.  If you have access to the magazine, read the articles pertaining to this time in Mexican history.  It explains the tidal wave we're experiencing in Dixie in in other areas north of our borders, and highlights, perhaps, the source of this tidal wave.  In no way am I claiming that assisting the poor people who came into the US legally at that time are responsible for the tidal wave, but I do believe that the repression by the Mexican government and the initial indifference by the DC government and many of it's citisens (i.e. the Klan offered to send members to help fight against the Cristianos in Mexico) set a trend in place that is still evident today.

Anti-white and Anti-southern (Confederate) bigotry is on an all-time rise in entertainment and media outlets. Ignorant and (even worse) educated agents of hate are continously polarising the population against true Confederate values of morals, family (mom and dad and kids), religion and love of culture and country.  It's bad enough the Yankees began re-writing history before General Lee broke his sword at Appomattox, but the stark ignorance of many, especially within Dixie's own borders is so shocking that I believe there is a resurgence of Southern Nationalism.  Evidence is on the rise when you see sites about Black Confederates and Southern Pride websites all over the internet.  It is up to the Gen Xers (of which I am a part) and the Millennials to educate themselves outside of the classroom about the true history of the Confederacy and why it even came to be in the first place and to pass it on!!

I mentioned "anti-white".  Yes..I am white.  I am proud of being white.  If you're not white and you're reading this and you're offended that I am proud of being white, I ask you; are you proud of who you are?  You should be.  I have no problem with blacks being proud of being black, hispanics being proud of being hispanic, Amer-Indians being proud of being Amer-Indians (my wife and children are), etc.  That does not make you or me a racist or, more accurately, a bigot.  A racist is the inherent belief that one race is superior to another.  A bigot displays hatred or dislike of another due to his/her difference in race, creed or national origin.  So, wherever your lineage is from; be proud!  Just don't be a bigot or a racist.

I have been praying the rosary of our Blessed Mother for the last 6 weeks or so, and I must say that my life has been wonderful.  I have tried in times past to pray the rosary and I usually ended up stopping for one reason or another.  I am doing some different things that have trained my mind on contemplating the particular mysteries and it has been enjoyable.  If you are a Catholic, I encourage you to pray the rosary as often as you can if you're not doing so already.  If you're a protestant and are reading this and wondering what the rosary is or have some questions regarding the what's, when's, why's and how's, then please click on this web site and learn more about this devotion Catholics have to the Mother our Our Lord.

May God's Blessings rain down upon you all.

Feds out of Dixie
Free Florida
Free Georgia
Deo Vindice!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hmm! The Plot Thickens!

Okay, the whole Trayvon thing is really blowing up. As I learn more about this case myself, I am not so sure that things have unfolded the way they were supposed to before Sharpton and the New Black Panthers poured gasoline on this and created a media bonfire.

I therefore retract all that I said in my previous post and gladly will eat the plate of fried crow at this point.

I am still not happy that a 17 year old kid was killed. If Mr. Zimmerman is to be believed in his story, and why not, as his friend Joe Oliver reported, Mr. Zimmerman is more than likely devestated that he is responsible for ending someone's life...even if he acted properly. Just ask any cop who takes out a perp.

Oh...I will say that all this crap about Florida's Stand Your Ground law is a bunch of BS. It is a good law, and is a colour-blind law. To wit:

I am very sure this lady is not happy with the results (nor am I), but she did act properly given the situation she was in.

God only knows the truth.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Thoughts

Al Sharpton's a race-baiting jerk!
- Hey Al, there's a crap-pot load of black on black crime just a few miles down the road in Orlando and in your hometown of NYC...why in the hell aren't you protesting that???
- Why are you making this a political issue? This is a tragedy, not a political football.

Why is Eric Holder involved in a local matter? Get the hell out of Florida and sell some automatic weapons to some Mexican drug lords or something. Jerk weed!

Why in the hell did Zimmerman *not* follow instructions by the 911 dispatcher? Someone may have outgrown his policeman underoos.

How do we know that Trayvon didn't invoke "Stand Your Ground"? If I was being followed like him, I would have.

Tyrant Obama stuck his foot in his mouth once again. Way to go Ceasar, how does the sandal taste? Hail the Great Divider, Tyrant Obama!!

People, this is what happens when you let the government remove God from our lives. If Sharpton is a Reverend, then I'm the Bishop of Rome.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vote for ME!!

Fellow Confederates, Copperheads and Yankee Southern Sympathisers;

This November, you have a choice, and I am here to tell you that of all of the choices you have on election day this year, you only have but one: vote for ME!

I don't mean me, your (not-so) humble servant, Confederate Papist. I am talking about writing in "ME"....meaning, you.

While I am not advocating you write in "ME" for POTUS, or your governor (if on the ballot) or representative or senator. I believe that all politics are local, so I advocate writing "ME" in for your town alderman, county commissioner or other local level election. Send a message that you don't like what's going on in your local area and that you and your fellow citizens are tired of being wards of the state and federal governments. Tell your local officials to shape up, or you will ship them out.

THAT's change you will see, and you can believe in!

Deo Vindice!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Thus we begin the Forty Days before the Paschaltime. Many Roman Catholics will be going to their churches to get ashes on their foreheads, as will I.

Lent is a time for contemplating who we are in relation to other people, and to our God. We think about our faults and our sinful nature....but we can also thank our Lord Jesus for His mercy and sacrifice on the cross. This is a time to pray and fast, but also to look for acts of mercy and good works informed by our faith.

Take the time in the morning and spend it with Jesus in prayer. Pray the rosary. Fast. We are in big, big trouble and we need our Lord more than ever.

God be with you!

For you Florida Crackers out there!

I found this on the Union Is Dissolved website

Two Blogs I have found you may enjoy

For all you like minded individuals.....

A free Confederacy would in turn give the Indian Tribes a choice of self determination and make treaties as neighbours, or they could choose to be part of the sovereign states in which they reside. Any treaty they signed with the US government will be considered null and void.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tyrant Obama's wife, the Empress Michelle, I am sure had some sort of influence in this successful operation of protecting this poor child from her abusive mother:

I am sure Her Worshipfullness is very proud of her enforcers.

I remember when North Carolina was a Southern state, however with all of the Yankees and Half-backs (Yankees that moved to Florida and bitched and moaned about the heat but didn't want to move back North) there, who could be surprised that things like this are happening.

North Carolinians - you need to regain control of your state and get these statists out of power, otherwise the joke name of NewYorkalina will cease to be a joke and become a reality.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Well.....not really.

The way the tyrannical federal government pursued this matter is for yourselves:

I mean, thank God they stepped in when they did! This is MORE dangerous than selling weapons to Mexican drug smugglers.

Sarcasm over.

If this is not clear to anyone about the over reach of the leviathan known as the USA Federal government, then you're either blind, stupid or a statist yourself. Whether you agree with the benefits of raw milk or not, it's stuff like this that forces companies to move their operations overseas. Who the hell would want to do business in this country?

Resist the tyrant. Secession is the only answer for our survival!

Deo Vindice!

Friday, February 10, 2012

So Southerners are racists?

Tell that to Mr. H.K. Edgerton!! It may be news to him!

What of "separation of church and state"?

The federal government shills and their sycophantic lackeys in the media are always screaming about the supposed separation of church and state...when there is no such thing...but notice how it's only a problem when a church, synagogue or mosque (well..maybe...) professes their beliefs. But when the Federal regime starts sticking their nose into the business of religious based organisations and houses of worship, they are in their constitutional rights?

Bravo Sierra!

I've been very vocal on other blogs I visit and will continue to be so.

I didn't trust the government before the HHS mandate.
I don't trust this supposed "walk back" (and neither should the bishops, clergy, religious, nor you).
I will never trust the Federal government, no matter who lives in the WH, donkey or elephant.

I will not rest until freedom for the Southern people is achieved and I invite all like-minded individuals of faith to join me, the readers of SNN, League of the South and The Catholic Knight.

Deo Vindice!

Big Government is Afraid of You

This is not an over-reactive tone. Tyrant Obama and his regime are very thin skinned and are scared of you. They don't want you to talk bad about them or they will send in the troops. Read on:

This is our William Wallace moment. We can kiss the ring and sleep in our comfy houses while our freedoms are being eroded, or we can push back against the Tyrant and say, "NO MORE!!"

I've made my choice, now you can make yours!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Two Blogs I've been hanging around!!

They are both excellent and I recommend you visit them often! - for news about Catholicism and our Southern Heritage

Particularly, he posted a few days ago something called the "Dixieland Manifesto". I challenge all of you to read it and share it with as many of your friends as possible. - news about our resurging Southern Nationalism and posts of educational articles and pod casts pertaining to the rugged individualism of the old Confederacy and how it is resurrecting today.

Check them out!!


This is a notice of revival!

I will be participating in blogging more this year. I know I've made this promise before, but in the name of Christianity and Southern Nationalism and the current events going on in this world, I cannot let this blog lie dormant no more.

I may not post daily but will try to post often.

My stated goals will be to strengthen our Christian identity and to work to restore our Confederacy's independence from the reign of terror that is Washington DC.

Deo Vindice!