Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where I've Been...and Where I'm Going

I want to apologise to the folks that have come from other blogs to read this one.  My last post of 30 January was in a different...much than it is now.  Consider, Benedict XVI was the Holy Father and DC, aka "Mordor on the Potomac", was trying to devise ways to increase taxes on the middle, okay..not that much has changed in that regard I guess!

Here's the thing:  what is going on now has been predicted by many people in the blogosphere, so I am not going to toot my own horn and make it sound like I was Nostradamus.  In fact, I am probably the least informed and least connected out of the whole crowd.  The last six months was spent getting acclimated to a new job...a job I really love.  It keeps me busy and tells me I still have a lot to learn about my chosen field that I've been in for almost nineteen years.

What is going on now (and always has since at least the 1850's) is a globalisation that started in the legislative buildings in DC, which then exploded on the battlefields of the North American landscape and set in by the repressive "victor".  From that point, all progress (think the Progressives) has been behind the scenes.  We serfs think there is a two party system in the USA, but nothing could be further from the truth.  What you see on TV, hear on radio and read on line through the MSM sites is pure propaganda, aided and abetted by Hollywood and financed by the globalist puppeteers.  They may call themselves "Democrats" and "Republicans", but they are all part of the same party; the Progressive Party.

Just like in the old Soviet Union, where there was only One Party, that is how things are in these United Provinces of America.  Everything the "kooks" used to say is coming into light...they're watching you, listening to you, they know how much money you have, where you spend it, what web sites you frequent, what house of worship you attend, etc.  Didn't Senator Joseph McCarthy lose all sorts of credibility because of this type of "paranoia" and his "Red Scare" tactics?

Worse than this, the reaction..or the non-reaction of the public to this insane train-wreck we're on.  More people are talking about the name of Kanye's and Kim's baby than they're talking about this.  Are you serious??  And they say the government schools are failing?  Huh!  They're very successful by producing the sheeple they're producing now.  Twenty-four year olds living with mommy and daddy still after six years of college studying the mating habits of African dung beetles or some crazy social-feel-good-bravo-sierra major they're offering these days in the institutes of Socialist learning they still call colleges and universities.  You want to motivate these losers?  Outlaw iPods or something, that'll get them charged up, otherwise they could be called the "Care-less" Generation, as in they could care less.

I am sorry for rambling on here..but six months is a long time and I am not unlike a Coke bottle that has built up pressure prior to I am all over the place.

Colorado's northern section wants to secede from the rest of the province, er, state.  We've had Free Vermont people sound off, the Texas Nationalist Movement, our own Free Florida First and Republic of Florida movements, the Virginia Flaggers, etc.  These movements ARE gaining steam and we all have to get behind them.   Ladies and Gentlemen; the united States of America were not supposed to be the United States of America.  True, after independence of the colonies from King George, there were thirteen peace treaties, one for each sovereign State that was formed as a result of the successful secession from the British Empire.  True, the Articles of Confederation, the original document of the new united States...and far superior to it's successor in all ways, with the exception of the "perpetual union clause", was scrapped in favour of the Constitution, which, ironically, said nothing of perpetual unions and did affirm State sovereignty.  True, there were ideological differences as to how to trade, manage commerce, collect taxes, currency, banking, etc., but the republican idea prevailed and became the preferred way to proceed.  And true, most of all, from the year 1800, sections of the united States looked at and started secession movements.  1802, as section of northern States wanted to secede because President Thomas Jefferson secured the Louisiana Purchase, and the representatives in those States were afraid it would disrupt the balance of power in favour of the southern States.  The movement, which lasted about ten to twelve years, ultimately failed.  Many times, lead by the State of New Jersey, there were secession movements for the goal of a Mid-Atlantic Confederacy...never came to be.  New York City, prompted by the secession of the seven southern States in 1861, was in the process of seceding from the State of New York and from the union so they could trade with the new Confederate States of America when the forces of Lincoln occupied the city and arrested the mayor Fernando Wood and shut down his brother's newspaper.

So my friends, secession was not made illegal by the illegal war of northern aggression that Lincoln made on the southern States.  Where is the amendment?  It's not there!  Secession, the ultimate check on the power of the Federal government,  was a way of life in the united States until the conclusion of Lincoln's war.  It does not have to come at the point of a gun, and one drop of blood does not have to be shed...look at the breakup of the Soviet Union, aka the Evil Empire, the Soviet satellite states that gained their independence, the re-unification of the German State...all relatively peaceful.

When a relationship amongst parties goes bad, it is fitting and just for that relationship to cease if the differences cannot be solved.  We are at that time now here in the so-called United States of America.  Get involved in your communities, get involved in your State, join a League of the South chapter in your county..if your county doesn't have one..charter one!  We can do this, but it's up to you!!  Remember, only 30% of the colonists wanted to secede from the crown...the hard work has always been done by the few.  Join me and the valiant citizens that want real freedom today!!

Deo Vindice!

PS - I will try to blog more...but I cannot say it will be on a regular basis, so please be patient!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Federal Bubble

"We are now Europe" says CNBC's Rick Santelli, the "father" of the Tea Party movement.  I give him that title only because the movement gained prominence when he said on the air there should be another Tea Party in response to the arrogance and irresponsibility of the federal government.

Funny though...the feds preach to us all the time from a position that they know better and when it's us that point out what they're doing wrong, it's ignored or maligned.  Do as I say......

I saw a comment earlier today that Democrats and Republicans, and all of their Hollywood and media sycophants, are in a "Federal Bubble".  They both stir the pot by creating situations that effect the public at large, one way or the other, then sit back and watch the show as the two "sides" duke it out.  I have to agree with that.

Once inside the DC Beltway (the bubble), one gets intoxicated by the power it exudes, and feels emboldened by the bubble that surrounds them.  The pawns, plebes, serfs, chess pieces, whatever you want to call "us", are moved and shuffled around and then the DC elites sit back and watch what happens...then they admonish us when we're bad little children.

Part of the problem is shared by the electorate, of which I am one.  Instead of doing the hard work that a responsible citizen is supposed to do, we flip on ET, TMZ, a ball game, or pop a movie in the DVD player.  We vote (some of us), re-elect the same bunch of jackwagons and then complain when the crap hits the fan.

Why do we do this?


If what has happened to the status of what is known as the United States of America doesn't make you concerned, then you're in on the game, stupid, ignorant, apathetic, or all of the above.

The root cause of all of this is that We The People have let the looters and robbers run the country for almost 170 years, and not doing a thing about it.  The first major response to this was the War of Northern Aggression against the Confederate States of America.  This gave the Northern Industrial elitists, all of whom were former members of the disgraced Whig Party, a chance to make radical changes to the "American Experiment".  Thus, and then it has continued to fester and grow...much of it during (so-called) Reconstruction and the Depression.

We all know what happened after that as the men came home from Germany and Japan after WWII and produced the Worst Generation (known as the Baby Boomers).  These little spoiled brats are now in charge of the United States and are putting the royal screws to the Gen X'ers and Millenials with all of their Marxist policies.  And what of the so-called "Greatest" Generation...the ones that produced them?  They're dying off (either naturally or through the Boomers' Medicare/Aid system),  apathetic (there's that word again!), or are enablers and supporters of these people.

What to do?

Well, when a ship starts to sink, you have three choices:

  1. Bail the water out and fix it, if possible.  It's supposedly been tried (Ronald Reagan), but not very successful in the long run..only because the captain's chair was vacated due to term limits.
  2. Get in a lifeboat (women and children first!!!) and save yourselves and those who are near and dear to you.  This refers to expatriation or secession.
  3. Go down with the ship.  Not an option for many outside of NYC and DC.
Believe me...if the ship goes down...and it will..none of the elite who are laughing at you know are going to be around to help..they will be insulated by their Federal Bubble and most, if not all will survive and not care one whit about you and yours.

The good news is, you don't have to participate either.  Crashing through the bubble (i.e. revolution) will solve nothing, but getting into the lifeboat will.  As Southerners we, and our Copperhead friends, need to start getting local, band together and start educating the local populations and the local and State governments in which they reside.  Write letters, knock on doors, fly your State flag instead of the federal one.  Show pride in your State...these folks are your neighbours.  If they don't understand or buy the yankee propaganda, be respectful and show them the way.  You won't get them all, but you will get some.

Your local representatives, I am sure, are tired of getting the federal squeeze.  You may actually get a sympathetic ear, and possibly some public support.  Don't discount any representative because of party affiliation.  Many State and local Democrats do not share the DC mentality; and likewise, many State and local GOP'ers are complete idiots and DC-style don't stereotype!  You may make a new friend and gain an unlikely ally!

Let the bubble be the bubble and float away into is the only way to save your State and community.

Deo Vindice!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Secession Talk Takes Centre Stage

Secede or not to secede?  That is the question that is being bantered about in all aspects of media and the cyber-sphere.  I was on Mark Shea's blog today were he had a post (with spirited comments in the comboxes) regarding "nutjob secessionists".

Knowing Mark's style, he was not saying all secessionists are nutjobs.  As with any category, there will be people who want to take the extreme.  Secession is no different.  But how do you see past the clanging gongs of the faux secessionists?

First off; secessionists do not want anything to do with slavery and the reinstitution thereof.  This was a dying institution in 1860 thanks to the Industrial Revolution, and if nothing had happened, whether secession or not, slavery would have self terminated.  So, "no" to slavery!*

Secondly; real secessionists do not want war!!  We do not have common beliefs or values, so why force a union where no one is happy?  Oh, but we're Americans and we have the same roots and history, etc...., to which I say, "so does Canada, but they're not a part of the USA, now are they?"  And we're great friends with Canada..they trade with us, enforce their side of the border with us, and they leave us alone to our affairs and we do likewise (I think).  "If the South secedes there will be another war..."   Okay, who's gonna start it, because it will not be us.  We didn't start the last one (we really didn't...we warned the Union troops ahead of time and made sure no one was in the fort once firing started..and no one died) and we most certainly are not interested in starting another.  In fact, when General Lee found out that Stonewall Jackson wanted to go to Washington DC, Lee stopped him because he said we were looking for independence, not conquest.  No to war...any war!

Thirdly; we do not want to establish our own nation in the model of the United States...and no we do not want to model it after the Articles of Confederation either as they stated the United States would be in "perpetual union"...a term absent from the current Constitution of the United States.  Our union will not be one of dictatorship, American "democracy" or monarchy.  It will be one of a federal-based representative republic, which was in place prior to the 1850~60's, when it was replaced by the American Democracy style of government.

Fourth; and this is the crux if it all, "we just want to be left alone" as per Jefferson Davis.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.  Ninety percent of what the United States government does violates the 10th Amendment, but no one says anything...and if they do, they're shouted down as a hater, ignorant, a Confederate or whatever.

Sadly, there are some who share our desire of secession...but want to pursue it via the sword and not the tongue.  This is not our goal.  Independence, not conquest.  We just want to be left alone to work, go to church, play and enjoy our families and our free time, without drones or Big Sister (of subsequent Brothers) looking over our shoulders.

To the people of the North who want to stay aligned with the DC government; you do what you feel is best for you, and we will do what's best for us.  We will not impose our values on you, and you please do likewise.  We can co-exist as separate nations that can openly trade with each other and we'd all be a lot happier.

Think about it!

* Some of you will say, so "no to slavery, CP, but what about blacks and other minorities, like Hispanics?"  Good question; let's start with blacks.  No slaves right?  Of course not!  Blacks are free people and will be treated as equally as whites.  With that being said, it means what it means.  No affirmative action, no quotas, no forced de-segregation, none of the federal social engineering garbage that has destroyed the black family unity over the past 45 years!  They are citizens of their respective State and will be subject to the laws of those States, just like everyone else, they want to go to work, live peacefully and go to school just like anyone else, so let them.  Hispanics?  First question:  are they legal?  If yes, everything I said about blacks can also be said about Hispanics.  If no, then the laws that many States passed, like Arizona, Alabama and Georgia, will be enforced, unencumbered by a federal leviathan since it will not have the authority to interfere.  However, a Confederate government would enforce it's laws and protect it's borders since this would be a national concern, but recognising no system is absolute, if State jurisdictions have to get involved, they will not be interfered with by the central government.

Monday, December 17, 2012

If They Ignore You, They Think You'll Go Away.....

Certain events, like the unfortunate and horrible attack in the elementary school in Connecticut, are at the forefront of news events all over.  Rightfully so.  Twenty little children were taken from life here on God's Earth in a most violent way.  We should focus our prayers for the community and the families of all the victims.  Children were probably not the only ones scared to go to school today...I am sure some educators were too.  Hug your children and your educators and tell them you love them!

That being said...our cause, secession..which was front page news for a while..has now been brushed aside..buried, if you will.  Understandable, given what's happened.

However, while we can mourn for the dead, we must not forget that a growing Leviathan in DC is not deterred by these events and continues to consume your freedoms and your treasure.  This must not stop!

Contact your State Legislator, tell him/her that secession is the only way for your state to survive the disaster they call the so called "United" States of America.  While the event in Connecticut has united us in sadness and sympathy, we are still a divided people with less in common now than even in 1861.  Time to separate is now.

Deo Vindice!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 is the new 1861

Southerners who trust the GOP or Democrat parties are following a Fool's game. We tried it the GOP way after the Democrat party's leftward shift went too far. The GOP elite plays us for fools; the act like they care about our heritage and tell us all sorts of lies in order for us to go along with them and then they disappoint and act like they don't know us afterwards.
Southern Nationalists - I 
hope this damn election was a wake up call to you. Drop the Republicans and Democrats like a hot potato. They don't give a damn about you, me or our Southern way of life. They are both treasonous and complicit as they both allow Third Worlders to invade our countries (States) and force our governments to give them free services subsidised by us, the taxpayers. It is time to organise an effort to start your State's articles of separation and secession. If not your State, then your county. Get off your asses and get it done. I am just as guilty as the rest of you....and I apologise...I assumed my words and actions would be enough, but I guess I was wrong. Time to take action and to become a Southern Nationalist activist. I will never give in to the leviathan known as the DC Machine. GOP and Democrats are treasonous...they do not care about you, they only care about buying votes from the lowest common denominator. Purge the Yankee government from your area, your county, your state. Don't wait for someone else to do it...YOU must take the first step. Walk with me...join the League of the South, read SNN, listen to Mike Church and do your homework. There are hard times ahead.
Deo Vindice!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

"It Is Fitting Indeed and Just"

Why do I keep saying this during the Mass?  Ever since the revised translation of the Mass last November, the reply of "It is right to give Him thanks and praise" was replace (appropriately) with "It is right and just"...however, my 1955 Missal has the translation as "It is fitting indeed and just".  And since I read that missal daily, I admit that during the Preface, I unconsciously say "fitting" instead of "right".

How are you doing almost one year after the new translation?  I'd love to read your comments.

Deo Vindice!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mass Hysteria Stories

As you know, the Church acknowledged the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of what we now refer to as Vatican II.  The intent by the Holy Father was to modernise the Church, however many of us know that the attempt to modernise was hijacked and corrupted way beyond the imagination of a great many people.

The revision of the English-language Novus Ordo, which was long overdue, is approaching her one year anniversary.  In the comboxes below, please share your struggles with these changes, and just frustrations you have with the NO in general over the past 45 years.

Jimmy Akin shared a story about the "troping" of the Agnus Dei in the National Catholic Register; which is and has been a bur in my saddle forever.  It was confusing to sing along with (which I *hate* singing the AD and the Pater Noster...hand holding too) and, according to Jimmy who did the research, it's *wrong*!

I've already shared my NO struggles; singing the Pater Noster (which, thankfully our parish does not do), holding hands during the Pater Noster (which, unfortunately our parish and many, many others do :-/), lay Eucharistic Ministers (disclaimer:  I used to be one until I realised this should only be done by a priest or a deacon), and (I know I'm gonna catch hell for this one) "altar girls".  Again, disclaimer:  my daughter was one...I was very proud of her (and still am) however, this was before I learned that this is a gateway for young men to discern for Holy Orders which we all know is not open to women (or wymyn for you femi-nazis or pantsuit nuns).

I'd love to see your responses!

Benefaciat vobis Deus!