Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Federal Bubble

"We are now Europe" says CNBC's Rick Santelli, the "father" of the Tea Party movement.  I give him that title only because the movement gained prominence when he said on the air there should be another Tea Party in response to the arrogance and irresponsibility of the federal government.

Funny though...the feds preach to us all the time from a position that they know better and when it's us that point out what they're doing wrong, it's ignored or maligned.  Do as I say......

I saw a comment earlier today that Democrats and Republicans, and all of their Hollywood and media sycophants, are in a "Federal Bubble".  They both stir the pot by creating situations that effect the public at large, one way or the other, then sit back and watch the show as the two "sides" duke it out.  I have to agree with that.

Once inside the DC Beltway (the bubble), one gets intoxicated by the power it exudes, and feels emboldened by the bubble that surrounds them.  The pawns, plebes, serfs, chess pieces, whatever you want to call "us", are moved and shuffled around and then the DC elites sit back and watch what happens...then they admonish us when we're bad little children.

Part of the problem is shared by the electorate, of which I am one.  Instead of doing the hard work that a responsible citizen is supposed to do, we flip on ET, TMZ, a ball game, or pop a movie in the DVD player.  We vote (some of us), re-elect the same bunch of jackwagons and then complain when the crap hits the fan.

Why do we do this?


If what has happened to the status of what is known as the United States of America doesn't make you concerned, then you're in on the game, stupid, ignorant, apathetic, or all of the above.

The root cause of all of this is that We The People have let the looters and robbers run the country for almost 170 years, and not doing a thing about it.  The first major response to this was the War of Northern Aggression against the Confederate States of America.  This gave the Northern Industrial elitists, all of whom were former members of the disgraced Whig Party, a chance to make radical changes to the "American Experiment".  Thus, and then it has continued to fester and grow...much of it during (so-called) Reconstruction and the Depression.

We all know what happened after that as the men came home from Germany and Japan after WWII and produced the Worst Generation (known as the Baby Boomers).  These little spoiled brats are now in charge of the United States and are putting the royal screws to the Gen X'ers and Millenials with all of their Marxist policies.  And what of the so-called "Greatest" Generation...the ones that produced them?  They're dying off (either naturally or through the Boomers' Medicare/Aid system),  apathetic (there's that word again!), or are enablers and supporters of these people.

What to do?

Well, when a ship starts to sink, you have three choices:

  1. Bail the water out and fix it, if possible.  It's supposedly been tried (Ronald Reagan), but not very successful in the long run..only because the captain's chair was vacated due to term limits.
  2. Get in a lifeboat (women and children first!!!) and save yourselves and those who are near and dear to you.  This refers to expatriation or secession.
  3. Go down with the ship.  Not an option for many outside of NYC and DC.
Believe me...if the ship goes down...and it will..none of the elite who are laughing at you know are going to be around to help..they will be insulated by their Federal Bubble and most, if not all will survive and not care one whit about you and yours.

The good news is, you don't have to participate either.  Crashing through the bubble (i.e. revolution) will solve nothing, but getting into the lifeboat will.  As Southerners we, and our Copperhead friends, need to start getting local, band together and start educating the local populations and the local and State governments in which they reside.  Write letters, knock on doors, fly your State flag instead of the federal one.  Show pride in your State...these folks are your neighbours.  If they don't understand or buy the yankee propaganda, be respectful and show them the way.  You won't get them all, but you will get some.

Your local representatives, I am sure, are tired of getting the federal squeeze.  You may actually get a sympathetic ear, and possibly some public support.  Don't discount any representative because of party affiliation.  Many State and local Democrats do not share the DC mentality; and likewise, many State and local GOP'ers are complete idiots and DC-style don't stereotype!  You may make a new friend and gain an unlikely ally!

Let the bubble be the bubble and float away into is the only way to save your State and community.

Deo Vindice!


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