Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hmm! The Plot Thickens!

Okay, the whole Trayvon thing is really blowing up. As I learn more about this case myself, I am not so sure that things have unfolded the way they were supposed to before Sharpton and the New Black Panthers poured gasoline on this and created a media bonfire.

I therefore retract all that I said in my previous post and gladly will eat the plate of fried crow at this point.

I am still not happy that a 17 year old kid was killed. If Mr. Zimmerman is to be believed in his story, and why not, as his friend Joe Oliver reported, Mr. Zimmerman is more than likely devestated that he is responsible for ending someone's life...even if he acted properly. Just ask any cop who takes out a perp.

Oh...I will say that all this crap about Florida's Stand Your Ground law is a bunch of BS. It is a good law, and is a colour-blind law. To wit:

I am very sure this lady is not happy with the results (nor am I), but she did act properly given the situation she was in.

God only knows the truth.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Some Thoughts

Al Sharpton's a race-baiting jerk!
- Hey Al, there's a crap-pot load of black on black crime just a few miles down the road in Orlando and in your hometown of NYC...why in the hell aren't you protesting that???
- Why are you making this a political issue? This is a tragedy, not a political football.

Why is Eric Holder involved in a local matter? Get the hell out of Florida and sell some automatic weapons to some Mexican drug lords or something. Jerk weed!

Why in the hell did Zimmerman *not* follow instructions by the 911 dispatcher? Someone may have outgrown his policeman underoos.

How do we know that Trayvon didn't invoke "Stand Your Ground"? If I was being followed like him, I would have.

Tyrant Obama stuck his foot in his mouth once again. Way to go Ceasar, how does the sandal taste? Hail the Great Divider, Tyrant Obama!!

People, this is what happens when you let the government remove God from our lives. If Sharpton is a Reverend, then I'm the Bishop of Rome.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Vote for ME!!

Fellow Confederates, Copperheads and Yankee Southern Sympathisers;

This November, you have a choice, and I am here to tell you that of all of the choices you have on election day this year, you only have but one: vote for ME!

I don't mean me, your (not-so) humble servant, Confederate Papist. I am talking about writing in "ME"....meaning, you.

While I am not advocating you write in "ME" for POTUS, or your governor (if on the ballot) or representative or senator. I believe that all politics are local, so I advocate writing "ME" in for your town alderman, county commissioner or other local level election. Send a message that you don't like what's going on in your local area and that you and your fellow citizens are tired of being wards of the state and federal governments. Tell your local officials to shape up, or you will ship them out.

THAT's change you will see, and you can believe in!

Deo Vindice!