Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ash Wednesday

Thus we begin the Forty Days before the Paschaltime. Many Roman Catholics will be going to their churches to get ashes on their foreheads, as will I.

Lent is a time for contemplating who we are in relation to other people, and to our God. We think about our faults and our sinful nature....but we can also thank our Lord Jesus for His mercy and sacrifice on the cross. This is a time to pray and fast, but also to look for acts of mercy and good works informed by our faith.

Take the time in the morning and spend it with Jesus in prayer. Pray the rosary. Fast. We are in big, big trouble and we need our Lord more than ever.

God be with you!

For you Florida Crackers out there!

I found this on the Union Is Dissolved website

Two Blogs I have found you may enjoy

For all you like minded individuals.....

A free Confederacy would in turn give the Indian Tribes a choice of self determination and make treaties as neighbours, or they could choose to be part of the sovereign states in which they reside. Any treaty they signed with the US government will be considered null and void.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tyrant Obama's wife, the Empress Michelle, I am sure had some sort of influence in this successful operation of protecting this poor child from her abusive mother:

I am sure Her Worshipfullness is very proud of her enforcers.

I remember when North Carolina was a Southern state, however with all of the Yankees and Half-backs (Yankees that moved to Florida and bitched and moaned about the heat but didn't want to move back North) there, who could be surprised that things like this are happening.

North Carolinians - you need to regain control of your state and get these statists out of power, otherwise the joke name of NewYorkalina will cease to be a joke and become a reality.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Well.....not really.

The way the tyrannical federal government pursued this matter is reprehensible....read for yourselves:

I mean, thank God they stepped in when they did! This is MORE dangerous than selling weapons to Mexican drug smugglers.

Sarcasm over.

If this is not clear to anyone about the over reach of the leviathan known as the USA Federal government, then you're either blind, stupid or a statist yourself. Whether you agree with the benefits of raw milk or not, it's stuff like this that forces companies to move their operations overseas. Who the hell would want to do business in this country?

Resist the tyrant. Secession is the only answer for our survival!

Deo Vindice!

Friday, February 10, 2012

So Southerners are racists?

Tell that to Mr. H.K. Edgerton!! It may be news to him!

What of "separation of church and state"?

The federal government shills and their sycophantic lackeys in the media are always screaming about the supposed separation of church and state...when there is no such thing...but notice how it's only a problem when a church, synagogue or mosque (well..maybe...) professes their beliefs. But when the Federal regime starts sticking their nose into the business of religious based organisations and houses of worship, they are in their constitutional rights?

Bravo Sierra!

I've been very vocal on other blogs I visit and will continue to be so.

I didn't trust the government before the HHS mandate.
I don't trust this supposed "walk back" (and neither should the bishops, clergy, religious, nor you).
I will never trust the Federal government, no matter who lives in the WH, donkey or elephant.

I will not rest until freedom for the Southern people is achieved and I invite all like-minded individuals of faith to join me, the readers of SNN, League of the South and The Catholic Knight.

Deo Vindice!

Big Government is Afraid of You

This is not an over-reactive tone. Tyrant Obama and his regime are very thin skinned and are scared of you. They don't want you to talk bad about them or they will send in the troops. Read on: http://www.infowars.com/group-forces-congressional-hearing-on-big-sis-twitter-drudge-spying/

This is our William Wallace moment. We can kiss the ring and sleep in our comfy houses while our freedoms are being eroded, or we can push back against the Tyrant and say, "NO MORE!!"

I've made my choice, now you can make yours!