Monday, September 24, 2012

"Happy"(?) Habeas Corpus Suspension Day!

One hundred fifty years ago today, the Tyrant of the Northern American States, Abe Lincoln, suspended habeas corpus, using the secession of the sovereign Southern States as an excuse.

He then sent Federal troops to occupy New York City because the mayor had expressed a desire not only to secede from the State of New York, but from the Union itself so they could continue trade with the Southern States.  The mayor's brother was a newspaper publisher who sympathised with the Southern States and subsequently his newspaper was shut down.

He also sent Federal troops to Maryland, whereby they arrested and imprisoned the legislature because they had overwhelming support therein to vote to secede and join their Southern brethren.  Ironically, Francis Scott Key's grandson was one of the many civilians in Maryland that was arrested and jailed.

He also arrested and deported Ohio Senator Van Landingham to Canada because of his vocal sympathy of the Southern Secession.

Remember:  this is the guy Tyrant Obama fancies himself as being the most like.

Father Z has a great article, enjoy:

You didn't learn any of that crap in skool, did you?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My Thoughts on 09/11/2001

I purposely said nothing about yesterday's anniversary.


While I grieve for the innocent lives that were lost that day...and I have no love for the militant Muzzies that were responsible for the attack, I don't feel the same way I did on the actual day.

Let me paint the picture.  I've always been proud of the South and had hated how she is portrayed in media, entertainment, etc.  I've hated how she was painted in regards to slavery, the cause of the "Civil War" [from this point referred to as the War of Northern Aggression or WNA] being her fault and other stupid things.  But I considered myself an American Patriot and was proud of that too.  Many of my Southern contemporaries felt the same way, so you can imagine what may have gone through my mind on the morning of 9/11.

My wife was working that day as a substitute I couldn't call her.  I needed to hear her voice to quell the fear I had brewing in my mind.  My children....were they okay?  They were in school...but what was going on there?  Were we a target?  My employees were freaking out and I had to be the cool hand, even though I didn't want to.

While at work we were glued to the TV.  When I got home I turned on the TV and watched the coverage for hours.  "Terrorism.  Bin Laden," I thought to myself.  I don't even remember when I hear that guy's name for the first time, but it popped into my head, before it was official that he was responsible.

Saying all that..during the time I have read, and watched, and read, and prayed.  I learned a lot about the roots of the American Revolution, the struggle of the Founders to establish a confederacy of States with a common central government, how they pitched the Articles of Confederation and replaced it with the Constitution to appease the big government Federalists of Hamilton, et al.  I learned how this set the table for the eventual secession of the seven Southern States after the election of Lincoln, the real reason Lincoln invaded the South [against the wishes of the majority of the Northern population, his military advisors and his inner circle, thereby forcing six other States to secede], and after he replaced many of the original generals, the total destruction and murder of old men, old women, mothers, children and slaves.  The deplorable conditions of the so-called Reconstruction and it's subsequent treatment of all Southerners, white and black, as second class citizens.  I read all of this..many of the sources were eye witnesses and are still available to anyone who wants to do the hard work of looking into the real story of the Confederacy, the first major country that was conquered by a growing Federal leviathan in Federal City.

This chain of events lead to the conquest of the Philippines, kicking the Spanish out of Cuba, entry into the European Great War and it's second war of German/Italian Fascist aggression, ending with the USA bombing of a predominately Christian city named Nagasaki.  The empire must continue to grow, and continued to do so after VJ Day until we have arrived at the 09/11/2001~09/12/2012 time period, under the guise of the "Global War on Terror" [GWOT].

These chain of events have awakened many who considered themselves Southern American Patriots and made them/us realise they/we are just as oppressed and occupied as the Philippines or Iraq, including yours truly.

So while I don't believe the violence that happened that day was justified, and I wish it had never happened and those people were still alive today, I am not going to delude myself with the whole American Exceptionalism mindset that justifies flying off everywhere they think the next threat that's out there.  They can keep doing it all they want for all I care....I just don't want them using Southern men and women as their cannon fodder, our hard earned treasure to finance it and relinquish my personal liberties.

Secession has already been attained.  We must end the Federal occupation of the sovereign States of the Confederacy or else we will continue to slide towards Sodom and Gomorrah.

Deo Vindice!
Jefferson Davis signed NO peace treaty.