Saturday, March 26, 2016

Consider: Who won the War of Northern Aggression?

Many people, Yankees and reconstructed Southerners (unfortunately) hail the end of the so-called Civil War (read: War of Northern Aggression, or WNA) and celebrate the re-unification of the (conquered and occupied) Southern States to the Almighty and Everlasting Union of Abraham Lincoln and His Sainted Successors.  But who really won?

Did the people, the citizens of the Northern States win?  Did the legislatures of the Northern States?  Did the hundreds of Northern newspapers that were shut down by "honest" Abe win?  What about the many local, State and federal Northern politicians that were arrested and incarcerated, without due process, and one who was expelled from his home State of Ohio to Canada?  Did they win?

Short answer:  NO!

Remember, the main cause for the South, contrary to what you learned in your school by revisionist Yankee "historians" and government employees, was the idea of the sovereign rights of the States; those rights that were eroding under an increasing power of the central government in DC (which, compared to today, we would consider it freedom, but I digress).  These same rights that the Southern States claimed, were also enjoyed by the Northern States because that is what the Constitution guaranteed when it was ratified by the original Thirteen.  Once the war broke out in 1861, Lincoln acted extra-constitutionally and started to consolidate the executive's powers and stealing or subverting the power of the congress, setting the standards for all of his successors.  Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus, occupied cities and State houses, shut down dissenting Northern newspapers and arresting his political Northern opponents who disagreed with him and felt that the North should just let the South go their own way and suffer any consequences thereof.

This consolidation of power and corporatism, as the Northern industrialists enjoyed the federal money they got for manufacturing all sorts of weapons for "the cause", stayed on and, of course grew....and continues to grow today.  The USA continues to feed the modern industrialists (the military industrial complex) and continues to look for enemies to kill.  After the South, DC trained it's eyes on the American Indian tribes.  After them, the Spanish and Philippines.  Then, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War (spy state war), Grenada, Panama, Gulf I, Gulf II, Global War on Terror (so-called).  The US government keeps finding enemies and keeps killing them into submission.  This is American Exceptionalism???

So, not only did the South lose the war in 1865, so did the North.  The people in those States may have fared better immediately after the cessation of hostilities and "re-unification", but they and their State houses lost their sovereignty and power also.  All one has to do is look at federal legislation and federal and Supreme Court decisions over the last 100 years.

God help us all!

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Much to the consternation of some, I'm still here.

Yes.  Unfortunately for Yankees, Statists, Heretics, Muslims, Hollywood, Khazar Jews and most politicians, democraps and repuglicans, I am still here.

I've been reading, watching, praying and going to Holy Mass.  I've prayed for the world, I've prayed for peace, I've prayed for the end of empire and I've prayed for a more distributist (aka, free market) economic system to take hold of the world.  I've prayed for family, friend and foe alike.  I've prayed for the conversion of atheists, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddists and every other "-ists" there are in the world, including, and most especially, the neo-catholics that are dominating the Holy Catholic Church.  I've also prayed for humility for myself, a sinner.

This post is short.  I'm letting you know that I am still around.  I somehow cannot get into my Facebook account as it converted me to a "group" instead of an individual.  I guess it's because of my nom de plume.  Oh well.  Facebook can be very toxic to the soul.

So, I will start posting again about the dangers of the Empire, the false sense of "freedom" in the so-called electoral process (hint, we already have a winner), the escalating growth of power of the central Soviet in DC, the battle for Christendom in Europe, most importantly inside the Vatican, and the quest to restore the Church to pre-1962 status.

As we've seen from 2000, change is not always good.  Over the last 16 years freedom has been diminished and instead of creeping towards totalitarianism, it is now a gallop.  It will not be stopped.  We will not be saved by Hillary, Sanders, Cruz or the Donald.  These four are the most dangerous people in the USA.  They all preach how they, through the power of government, will do what they promise to do.  We've already have had 16 years of unconstitutional presidential rule, do we really need four to eight more?

Save yourself the trouble and do not get fooled by the "Carnival Barkers" and avoid getting involved in the Soviet.  Get involved in your local community and your state and pressure them to resist the yoke of tyranny that DC promises.  States that are free and sovereign have happy and productive citizens.  It starts with you.  Don't trust the politicians or their bureaucrats.  Let 2016 be the start of your states' reclamation of her rights.  Read Patrick Henry, Jefferson and John Taylor and know the true history of the founding.  The constitution didn't create the States, the States created the constitution.

Deo Vindice!