Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC - The Final Night

If you're a red-blooded American and fan of the Empire it's become, you probably had the Chris Matthews thrill up your leg last night as Romney accepted his choreographed nomination.  "Choreographed?" you ask.  Yes...let's face it...the whole primary process this time around was a farce.  In my opinion, the only two candidates that I really wanted to get the nomination were personally destroyed by both political parties and by the Marxist media, and that was Herman Cain and Ron Paul.

While Cain and Paul are not carbon copies in ideology, I believe that each had more to contribute than Romney.

Water under the bridge.

Now we have to endure the complete insanity of Romney vs Obama for the office of Emperor or Tyrant.  While I believe none of these men will be a Friend of the South, I do believe Romney will cancel the federal war on the Catholic Church and other Christian faiths.  As far as the other liberties that we've lost over the last 150 years, I have no illusions of them being restored any time soon.

All that being said, I do believe Romney is a better choice than Obama, even though I think an Obama victory will hasten a return to a free Confederacy quicker than a Romney victory.  You've read my thoughts on this before and I still remain conflicted about this as I want nothing more than to live a life free of the Empire and it's tentacles, do what is best for my family, work at the job I want, buy the house I want and do to my property what is best by *my* standards, eat the food *I* want to eat, drink raw milk without worrying about incarceration from state and federal authorities.  I don't want drones flying over my house, I don't care what a bunch of idiots in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russia or where ever the hell they are, are doing, saying or whatever.

As Jefferson Davis famously said, I "just want to be left alone".  That's it, end of story.  End of post.

Get the Empire out of Dixie!!

Deo Vindice.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We Are Watching - RNC

We really don't have a dog in this hunt.  I mean, the GOP is (if one can really say this) a little more Southern friendly than the white-hating, Southern-hating, self-hating, abortion-loving Stalinists in the former party of Jefferson.  I am sure Thomas Jefferson is spinning in his grave today as he is watching from On High what is happening to his nation and his party, which loves to mention him publicly when they're not lying about him privately.

I saw, with amusement, the speech from the governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia as he likened himself amongst the ranks of Jefferson and Henry and thought to myself, "really??"  Sorry Governor, with all due respect, you and your contemporaries cannot hold a candle to these brave men.  Maybe once you've invested the same amount of money, sweat and blood I can start to think about it.

In the meantime, as the continued coronation of Mitt Romney continues, please know that the spies of the Confederacy are watching in keen interest.

Deo Vindice to my fellow countrymen and countrywomen!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Confederate Spies at the Political Conventions

They are everywhere, I am sure.  And many don't know who each other are, but I can say there is a least one Southern Nationalist/Secessionist that will be at the RNC....and they are *not* the protesters.

I will go out on a limb and say that any Confederate would get a better treatment at the RNC as opposed to the DNC, which is irony in the least.  What a difference 150 years makes!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Election

No.  Not this one.  This one is already over.  Think about what you need to do by 2016.

With Obama it's:  "what do you want?" - "SOCIALISM!!" - "when do you want it?" - "NOW!!!!!!"

With Romney it'll be:  "what do you want?" - "SOCIALISM!!" - "when do you want it?" - " a little while, I that okay?  While you're not looking?"

So which is worse; pure unadulterated, straight shooting totalitarianism by a sociopathic Tyrant, or soft tyranny by a former capitalist-turned-politican?

Don't get me wrong.  I am very conflicted on this.  In one scenario I see an Obama victory as a victory for the re-birth of Southern Independence....though I fear it will be a bloody one because he will not let the States go peacefully, just like his "hero" Lincoln.  He'll use drones, planes and other heavy artillery and wreak havoc on the citizenry of the South.  Even if the sons and daughters of the South who are currently serving in the federal military refuse to fire upon their own people, Obama will surely find willing volunteers in many of the Occupy/Black Panther/Organised Labour and other movements that are die hard supporters of his.  I don't fear so much for myself as I do my wife and children, and those who are weak and elderly as they will be easy targets for the empire's forces.

The other scenario holds a Romney victory.  While it may save the Union fiscally and financially, it will continue the the existence of the Yankee Empire.  The bull in the china closet, the world's bully.  I don't know whether Romney will cancel out Obamacare like he's promising....he may just neutralise it.  So, in my opinion, a Romney victory will slow the slide towards Sodom and Gomorrah.

As you look at a map of the continent, you will see that people who favour a more totalitarian (womb to tomb) government are in most major cities and in the northern part of North America (NA), while in the Southern and mid-Southwestern parts prefer a more republican style government.  So I ask, why the union? If a relationship goes bad, don't the participants (after trying to resolve the problems), resort to seperation, if not dissolution of the union/relationship?  Why can it not happen again?  Who says that Washington DC is the end all/be all?  Surely not even the US Constitution says that!!  So why do you sit there and live in fear of a entity that has no more power than what is spelled out on a piece of paper written over the course of 230 years?  Why are you giving them that power?  Look at yourself...then look at your community...then your state...then look at the US Constitution and decide whether you're better off with them or without.

I've made my choice.

Deo Vindice!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Take Immediate Action

I published this on Facebook.  The only thing I am adding (hindsight is such a pain in the rear sometimes) is I advise the same advice for all Orthodox Roman Catholics and other Orthodox Christians who hold to biblical teachings:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Confederacy, and Copperheads (and all Orthodox Roman Catholics and other Orthodox Christians who hold to biblical teachings),
Be prepared for the re-election of the Tyrant Obama. It will happen. Voter fraud is rampant and the Republicans are too weak to challenge it because they don't want to appear as racist, sore losers or mean-spirited. I also believe it's because they really don't care about the results because as long as they still get a seat at the table of power in the USA, they will be happy. They do *not* care about you....bottom line.
Make sure your passports are up to date. If you don't plan to leave, then make sure you join a local League of the South chapter or start your own local chapter. Make sure you have plenty of emergency rations. Make sure you are armed adequately, and reach out to your neighbours to ensure that you all will look out for each other. Your neighbourhood may be the safest place for you.
God Save the South! Deo Vindice!

Friday, August 3, 2012


Sorry I have been scarce.  I've been very busy with family, work, Knights of Columbus and stuffing my face with Chick Fil A sammiches this past week.

Next week I will be travelling for work and may not be able to jump on too much.

Check out Fr. Z, SNN, etc., you know the drill.  Hopefully I will be back by Thursday, 9 August.

Until then, ciao and fried green tomatoes and all that!

Deo Vindice!