Friday, August 10, 2012

Take Immediate Action

I published this on Facebook.  The only thing I am adding (hindsight is such a pain in the rear sometimes) is I advise the same advice for all Orthodox Roman Catholics and other Orthodox Christians who hold to biblical teachings:

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Confederacy, and Copperheads (and all Orthodox Roman Catholics and other Orthodox Christians who hold to biblical teachings),
Be prepared for the re-election of the Tyrant Obama. It will happen. Voter fraud is rampant and the Republicans are too weak to challenge it because they don't want to appear as racist, sore losers or mean-spirited. I also believe it's because they really don't care about the results because as long as they still get a seat at the table of power in the USA, they will be happy. They do *not* care about you....bottom line.
Make sure your passports are up to date. If you don't plan to leave, then make sure you join a local League of the South chapter or start your own local chapter. Make sure you have plenty of emergency rations. Make sure you are armed adequately, and reach out to your neighbours to ensure that you all will look out for each other. Your neighbourhood may be the safest place for you.
God Save the South! Deo Vindice!


  1. Very interesting blog. I assume you are not mentally ill, but really believe these things. I mean no disrepect, there ARE mentally ill people who believe utter nonsense because of the wiring in their mind, the "voices" in their head. They can't help it.

    YOu seem pretty smart too, because you are a "faithful" Roman Catholic, which I respect greatly. I went to Catholic grade school, high school, and college, and my parents went to church every DAY for 60 years, and then stayed for the rosary. My mom actually passed away in church, on Christmas Day, while bringing up the Eucharist, in the ceremony they do on Christmas. If God had anything to do with the timing of her passing, He could not have picked a more fitting time for a more fitting person. She had a stroke as the Mass started, as she was holding the chalice.

    SHe not only went to church every day, she lived the life, she begged for the poor, she devoted her retirement to helping the poor, those who no one would help. She would get calls at all hours, and go all over town, at any hour, to take food or blankets or whatever to people -- even in the worst parts of town.

    And why did she do all this? She would not even tell people the things she did, I had to find out by getting the information from my dad or asking her follow up questions. She really believed you do NOT do good things and then talk about them.

    She did all that because the bible told her to NOT build up treasure on earth, but to build up treasure in heaven. That Jesus taught us to undo others, to do to the least of these what we would do for Jesus. She did not do it for show -- most people didn't know she was doing these things. She did them because Jesus said it in the bible -- DO UNTO THE LEAST of these. And the least of these were the poor, the sick, the outcast.

    It was this woman that God took on Christmas Day while holding the chalice. She died on the spot. I had just kissed her hello and wished her Merry Christmas 30 seconds before.

    So I admire people who care about truth -- not for show nonsense. Many people can do good things and they want everyone to know. I am that way. Not her.

    So if you are using the Catholic faith to do what she did -- to be kind, to care, to care what is true, to care what is honorable and uplifting, I respect that.

    1. Sounds like your grandmother was (and still is) a wonderful woman. She definitely is in heaven.

      My grandmother was much the same. Widowed, she went to Mass every day, driving herself until she had a mild stroke which triggered dementia. Now she lives in an assisted living community and has no idea who I am.

  2. I believe you are the guy who said I was judging this by 21st century standards. Remember? On Southern Nationalist?

    People only know what they are told. If you were raised in the South where men like Lee and Davis are honored as heroes, and given endless stories about their supposed heroism and love of God and duty -- that is what you would naturally think. What else could you think?

    But what if what you were told was factually wrong? What if Lee wrote slave ledgers, where he recorded whippings and bounties and the sale of children? What if Davis was actually nothing like we have been told?

    Do facts matter? Really, do they are not?

    DOes truth matter? Or should we go by what gets us status and attention in a group, and then just assume that is true. Assume that is what factually IS?

    I judge what happened before the Civil War by the facts at the time. I believed much like you did, until I read SOUTHERN papers, and SOUTHERN documents. Until I read Southern demands to spread slavery -- against -- against the will of the white people. I had no idea that the Southern leaders made violent threats, violent promises, that slavery must be spread in Kansas. No one ever told me that. I found it out in SOUTHERN newspapers from the time.

    No one told me many of the things I know now, because for some reason, our text books have been edited and written by the South, and they simply leave out so many things I found in Southern papers, SOUTHERN documents.

    I had no idea men in the South could be arrested and whipped, just for questioning slavery. No one told me that. I found that in Southern papers, which bragged about it. I assumed there was free speech in the South. Only when I read southern newspapers joyously reporting the capture of some guy who simply questioned slavery in a conversation among WHITES -- I had no idea that kind of thing happened.

    I had no idea it was against the law in the South to even preach against slavery -- even to QUESTION slavery -- in your own church. NO one told me that. They should have, but no one did.

    I had no idea of many things -- the oppression of all writting and preaching against slavery. I did not know that. That ships were searched and the mails were searched, so that no public or even PRIVATE communication that was against slavery was legal.

    I had no idea that people in the South wanted to arrest and hang people in the North who dared to write books against slavery. No one told me that. I found that out in Southern documents.

    I had no idea of dozens of things, until I read them in SOUTHERN papers.

    I assumed you could at least question slavery in the SOuth. I assumed you could own books that questioned it. I had no idea that if your neighbor did not like you, all he had to do was report that you owned a book which QUESTIONED slavery, and you could be arrested! No one told me that. I had no idea trains were searched, ships were searched.

    I had no idea Southern government told churches and preachers what they could and could not preach, regarding slavery. I did not know that. No one told me, until I read it in SOuthern papers which were boasting about it. Then I studied it more.

    You only know what you have been told. I suggest you care a bit more about what is true and factual, and a bit less what impresses your buddies. You might keep your conclusions, but you also might realize there is more to the story than you have been told

    1. I don't know where you read these things, but I do want to make one thing clear. I don't condone slavery. I believe I was correct in saying on the SNN site that slavery, had it been left alone, would have died out by the 1880's~90's. There would have been no use for it. Machines don't get sick or run away or die.
      I am sure as many things as you can find like you cited above (if it's true), (and don't forget there were black slave owners too...New Orleans was probably where you found the most black slave owners), there are instances that are the opposite. The Kansas situation had just as many guilty Kansans as there were Missourians who would both steal across the border and do horrid things. To wit:, "'Jayhawkers, Red Legs, and Bushwhackers are everyday terms in Kansas and Western Missouri. A Jayhawker is a Unionist who professes to rob, burn out and murder only rebels in arms against the government. A Red Leg is a Jayhawker originally distinguished by the uniform of red leggings. A Red Leg, however, is regarded as more purely an indiscriminate thief and murderer than the Jayhawker or Bushwhacker. A Bushwhacker is a rebel Jayhawker, or a rebel who bands with others for the purpose of preying upon the lives and property of Union citizens. They are all lawless and indiscriminate in their iniquities.'"
      Jefferson Davis is on record as saying all we wanted was to be left alone. Union newspaper editorials were basically taking the "good, let 'em go" attitude when the first seven States seceded. More than likely, if the Fort Sumter incident didn't happen, the secession would possibly have been short-lived. Who knows?
      I am not going to resort to name calling. You can decide as to what my mental capacity is, and whatever conclusion you come up with is fine with me. It doesn't bother me in the least.
      I know Yankees, some I like, many I don't. I can't square with their "It's better up north" attitude while they come to my home and mess things up with their socialist programs. Imagine if I came to your house as a guest and totally criticised your cooking, carpet, how you maintain your yard, your wife and kids, etc. That's what we Southerners deal with every day in media and entertainment. The books were re-written by Yankees for Yankees and their world view has never been the same as ours.
      I'm rambling on..guess maybe I am crazy!
      Read Sherman's letters to his wife. Read what he thought of Southerners, Indians, blacks. He hated them all. More blacks died at the hands of Sherman's army than the institution of slavery every claimed.

  3. Preparing for a 2d Obama administration makes me remember the research I've done on the "3 Days of Darkness" and "the coming of the Great Monarch" both of which were foretold at LaSalette, possibly Fatima too.

    1. Good points. I'm conflicted because I don't think the uSA will survive another four years of the Tyrant, which will be good for a secessionist like me, but I am afraid of the federal government-sponsored violence that will be connected with this crumbling. Obama is a power-hungry tyrant like Lincoln, so don't doubt he won't try to use the drones and the big guns to deal with it. The question is whether the sons and daughters of the South that are serving in the federal military will comply.