Friday, August 31, 2012

RNC - The Final Night

If you're a red-blooded American and fan of the Empire it's become, you probably had the Chris Matthews thrill up your leg last night as Romney accepted his choreographed nomination.  "Choreographed?" you ask.  Yes...let's face it...the whole primary process this time around was a farce.  In my opinion, the only two candidates that I really wanted to get the nomination were personally destroyed by both political parties and by the Marxist media, and that was Herman Cain and Ron Paul.

While Cain and Paul are not carbon copies in ideology, I believe that each had more to contribute than Romney.

Water under the bridge.

Now we have to endure the complete insanity of Romney vs Obama for the office of Emperor or Tyrant.  While I believe none of these men will be a Friend of the South, I do believe Romney will cancel the federal war on the Catholic Church and other Christian faiths.  As far as the other liberties that we've lost over the last 150 years, I have no illusions of them being restored any time soon.

All that being said, I do believe Romney is a better choice than Obama, even though I think an Obama victory will hasten a return to a free Confederacy quicker than a Romney victory.  You've read my thoughts on this before and I still remain conflicted about this as I want nothing more than to live a life free of the Empire and it's tentacles, do what is best for my family, work at the job I want, buy the house I want and do to my property what is best by *my* standards, eat the food *I* want to eat, drink raw milk without worrying about incarceration from state and federal authorities.  I don't want drones flying over my house, I don't care what a bunch of idiots in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Russia or where ever the hell they are, are doing, saying or whatever.

As Jefferson Davis famously said, I "just want to be left alone".  That's it, end of story.  End of post.

Get the Empire out of Dixie!!

Deo Vindice.


  1. If only the South could secede from the rest of this sorry mess of a union!!
    Than we could abandon the rest to fix the problems that they caused!

    1. Our local vote is more important than the federal vote. County and state level officials are the key to a successful peaceful secession. As the old saying goes, all politics are local.

      In some States it would be easier than other.

  2. Confederate Papist,

    Don't get me started about the raw milk/raw cheese debate...if it is so dangerous, why on earth aren't around 60 million French and a good number of belgians, luxmbergians, Italians etc dropping like flies as we speak???!!

    Be readers in the US or other nations (as am I), I think I'd be close to correct in suggesting that all sane, sensible persons and their families, local communities etc wish is to live a quiet life. the machinations of the multi-nationals, federal politics, even 'hot button issues' are instruments in the hands of those parties/entities that recognize that a divided, wrestless, frustrated people are far easier to control and pacify. docility is easier to accomplish if the above is the norm. Even an understanding of history, literature, adept use of the nation's language (in our cases English) is key to self awareness and empowerment. chip away at these skills, whilst simultaneously chipping away at a truly free and objective media (don't care what side of the political fence you occupy, readers, for at the end of the day, we're all victims of the tyranny), a people lose their ability to think critically, learn for themselves, they lose their voice and inch by inch their freedom. This is not merely tinfoil hat conspiracy, but observations made by erudite young Gen Y students I speak to regularly in my university ventures, not to mention tutors, philosophy lecturers and theology lecturers. Even civil disagreement between parties on issues is becoming a dying artform (re the horrid comments threads that can grow when topics such as distributism etc are touted in some places).

    Whether or not readers and the Confederate papist agree with some of the more questionabl leanings of groups such as 'slow food international' or 'transition towns', these organisations have observed similar troubling features of our modern socio/politico/ecconomic landscape and have developed a manifesto to at least cause people to think; this manifesto is in keeping with many aspects of the CCC (e.g. CCC2424) and Scriptural teaching that I have elabourated upon previously (on this blog and others).
    they’re as concerned about monolithic govt.’s UN programmes that wind up causing hardship and destruction international laws that hinder and eventually eliminate local, seasonal, traditional agriculture, artisanal production and genuinely sustainable, or ‘Organic’ communities.
    Same for money
    The transition towns ’12 ingredients’
    Now, I understand that some of this may seem a little ‘airy fairy’, but all of the above are perfectly suited for and adaptable to meet the needs of genuine Catholic social teaching, Subsidiarity and from my understanding of your ‘Southern’ ideals, these as well.
    Now, for those who still believe subsidiarity is ‘socialism lite’, please read
    We need to be Matt 23: 23 and Rev 11: 18 people in every sense of this small but axial pair of scriptures. Everything else within the New Testament orbits these, in my thinking. Keep up the good work.


    Australia. everything hinges around it from

    1. Great thoughts and reply Sarah. Thank you for the links. Subsidiarity would be nice and is NOT Socialism lite, that's for sure.