Monday, September 24, 2012

"Happy"(?) Habeas Corpus Suspension Day!

One hundred fifty years ago today, the Tyrant of the Northern American States, Abe Lincoln, suspended habeas corpus, using the secession of the sovereign Southern States as an excuse.

He then sent Federal troops to occupy New York City because the mayor had expressed a desire not only to secede from the State of New York, but from the Union itself so they could continue trade with the Southern States.  The mayor's brother was a newspaper publisher who sympathised with the Southern States and subsequently his newspaper was shut down.

He also sent Federal troops to Maryland, whereby they arrested and imprisoned the legislature because they had overwhelming support therein to vote to secede and join their Southern brethren.  Ironically, Francis Scott Key's grandson was one of the many civilians in Maryland that was arrested and jailed.

He also arrested and deported Ohio Senator Van Landingham to Canada because of his vocal sympathy of the Southern Secession.

Remember:  this is the guy Tyrant Obama fancies himself as being the most like.

Father Z has a great article, enjoy:

You didn't learn any of that crap in skool, did you?

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