Saturday, June 22, 2013

Where I've Been...and Where I'm Going

I want to apologise to the folks that have come from other blogs to read this one.  My last post of 30 January was in a different...much than it is now.  Consider, Benedict XVI was the Holy Father and DC, aka "Mordor on the Potomac", was trying to devise ways to increase taxes on the middle, okay..not that much has changed in that regard I guess!

Here's the thing:  what is going on now has been predicted by many people in the blogosphere, so I am not going to toot my own horn and make it sound like I was Nostradamus.  In fact, I am probably the least informed and least connected out of the whole crowd.  The last six months was spent getting acclimated to a new job...a job I really love.  It keeps me busy and tells me I still have a lot to learn about my chosen field that I've been in for almost nineteen years.

What is going on now (and always has since at least the 1850's) is a globalisation that started in the legislative buildings in DC, which then exploded on the battlefields of the North American landscape and set in by the repressive "victor".  From that point, all progress (think the Progressives) has been behind the scenes.  We serfs think there is a two party system in the USA, but nothing could be further from the truth.  What you see on TV, hear on radio and read on line through the MSM sites is pure propaganda, aided and abetted by Hollywood and financed by the globalist puppeteers.  They may call themselves "Democrats" and "Republicans", but they are all part of the same party; the Progressive Party.

Just like in the old Soviet Union, where there was only One Party, that is how things are in these United Provinces of America.  Everything the "kooks" used to say is coming into light...they're watching you, listening to you, they know how much money you have, where you spend it, what web sites you frequent, what house of worship you attend, etc.  Didn't Senator Joseph McCarthy lose all sorts of credibility because of this type of "paranoia" and his "Red Scare" tactics?

Worse than this, the reaction..or the non-reaction of the public to this insane train-wreck we're on.  More people are talking about the name of Kanye's and Kim's baby than they're talking about this.  Are you serious??  And they say the government schools are failing?  Huh!  They're very successful by producing the sheeple they're producing now.  Twenty-four year olds living with mommy and daddy still after six years of college studying the mating habits of African dung beetles or some crazy social-feel-good-bravo-sierra major they're offering these days in the institutes of Socialist learning they still call colleges and universities.  You want to motivate these losers?  Outlaw iPods or something, that'll get them charged up, otherwise they could be called the "Care-less" Generation, as in they could care less.

I am sorry for rambling on here..but six months is a long time and I am not unlike a Coke bottle that has built up pressure prior to I am all over the place.

Colorado's northern section wants to secede from the rest of the province, er, state.  We've had Free Vermont people sound off, the Texas Nationalist Movement, our own Free Florida First and Republic of Florida movements, the Virginia Flaggers, etc.  These movements ARE gaining steam and we all have to get behind them.   Ladies and Gentlemen; the united States of America were not supposed to be the United States of America.  True, after independence of the colonies from King George, there were thirteen peace treaties, one for each sovereign State that was formed as a result of the successful secession from the British Empire.  True, the Articles of Confederation, the original document of the new united States...and far superior to it's successor in all ways, with the exception of the "perpetual union clause", was scrapped in favour of the Constitution, which, ironically, said nothing of perpetual unions and did affirm State sovereignty.  True, there were ideological differences as to how to trade, manage commerce, collect taxes, currency, banking, etc., but the republican idea prevailed and became the preferred way to proceed.  And true, most of all, from the year 1800, sections of the united States looked at and started secession movements.  1802, as section of northern States wanted to secede because President Thomas Jefferson secured the Louisiana Purchase, and the representatives in those States were afraid it would disrupt the balance of power in favour of the southern States.  The movement, which lasted about ten to twelve years, ultimately failed.  Many times, lead by the State of New Jersey, there were secession movements for the goal of a Mid-Atlantic Confederacy...never came to be.  New York City, prompted by the secession of the seven southern States in 1861, was in the process of seceding from the State of New York and from the union so they could trade with the new Confederate States of America when the forces of Lincoln occupied the city and arrested the mayor Fernando Wood and shut down his brother's newspaper.

So my friends, secession was not made illegal by the illegal war of northern aggression that Lincoln made on the southern States.  Where is the amendment?  It's not there!  Secession, the ultimate check on the power of the Federal government,  was a way of life in the united States until the conclusion of Lincoln's war.  It does not have to come at the point of a gun, and one drop of blood does not have to be shed...look at the breakup of the Soviet Union, aka the Evil Empire, the Soviet satellite states that gained their independence, the re-unification of the German State...all relatively peaceful.

When a relationship amongst parties goes bad, it is fitting and just for that relationship to cease if the differences cannot be solved.  We are at that time now here in the so-called United States of America.  Get involved in your communities, get involved in your State, join a League of the South chapter in your county..if your county doesn't have one..charter one!  We can do this, but it's up to you!!  Remember, only 30% of the colonists wanted to secede from the crown...the hard work has always been done by the few.  Join me and the valiant citizens that want real freedom today!!

Deo Vindice!

PS - I will try to blog more...but I cannot say it will be on a regular basis, so please be patient!!


  1. The South is a loathsome place:every plantation is an Auschwitz awash with the blood of innocent Black men, women and children. All were tortured, women were raped with children sold Like cattle. The Irish were the worst, for they embraced slavery in the south and lynched and burned black up to even children in the north. Your lands are a cancer to the United States and your people with few exceptions are vile. NAZIS by another name with lands filled with the stench of death camps.

    1. Ah yes. The old "Nazi" argument. I thank God that you will never come to my South.