Monday, December 17, 2012

If They Ignore You, They Think You'll Go Away.....

Certain events, like the unfortunate and horrible attack in the elementary school in Connecticut, are at the forefront of news events all over.  Rightfully so.  Twenty little children were taken from life here on God's Earth in a most violent way.  We should focus our prayers for the community and the families of all the victims.  Children were probably not the only ones scared to go to school today...I am sure some educators were too.  Hug your children and your educators and tell them you love them!

That being said...our cause, secession..which was front page news for a while..has now been brushed aside..buried, if you will.  Understandable, given what's happened.

However, while we can mourn for the dead, we must not forget that a growing Leviathan in DC is not deterred by these events and continues to consume your freedoms and your treasure.  This must not stop!

Contact your State Legislator, tell him/her that secession is the only way for your state to survive the disaster they call the so called "United" States of America.  While the event in Connecticut has united us in sadness and sympathy, we are still a divided people with less in common now than even in 1861.  Time to separate is now.

Deo Vindice!


  1. Yes, I have a comment. I am a British catholic. I would like your readers to know that we (the UK) are giving Scotland the right to secede. They will have a referendum in 2014. I love and admire the United States. But I know that your so-called democratic government in DC will NEVER do that for the South. I recognise everything you say in your blog. It has been 150 years of Federal occupation of the south. And it was the war of northern aggression. It is going to take you many generations to secede, given the tyranny I see in DC.

    1. Thank you for your comments, and welcome.

      I support Scottish Independence, as part of my heritage is Scottish, by way of my maternal grandfather who came arrive in North America in 1926 from Glasgow. I don't agree completely with their platform as it seems too socialist for my taste, but they are free to do what they want.
      I feel the same with the Kingdom of Naples, Vermont Republic and Cascadia movements as well. I even discussed secession on another blog with a man from Wales, who was taking me to task on the whole Lincoln/slavery garbage and I challenged him on his own situation, and he acknowledged that Wales is a conquered nation in the Empire and there are secessionist there as well.
      I believe there is going to be a sea change in the global political landscape within the next 10 years or so. I just pray that it's a peaceful as the Soviet Empire break-up.