Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mass Hysteria Stories

As you know, the Church acknowledged the 50th Anniversary of the beginning of what we now refer to as Vatican II.  The intent by the Holy Father was to modernise the Church, however many of us know that the attempt to modernise was hijacked and corrupted way beyond the imagination of a great many people.

The revision of the English-language Novus Ordo, which was long overdue, is approaching her one year anniversary.  In the comboxes below, please share your struggles with these changes, and just frustrations you have with the NO in general over the past 45 years.

Jimmy Akin shared a story about the "troping" of the Agnus Dei in the National Catholic Register; which is and has been a bur in my saddle forever.  It was confusing to sing along with (which I *hate* singing the AD and the Pater Noster...hand holding too) and, according to Jimmy who did the research, it's *wrong*!

I've already shared my NO struggles; singing the Pater Noster (which, thankfully our parish does not do), holding hands during the Pater Noster (which, unfortunately our parish and many, many others do :-/), lay Eucharistic Ministers (disclaimer:  I used to be one until I realised this should only be done by a priest or a deacon), and (I know I'm gonna catch hell for this one) "altar girls".  Again, disclaimer:  my daughter was one...I was very proud of her (and still am) however, this was before I learned that this is a gateway for young men to discern for Holy Orders which we all know is not open to women (or wymyn for you femi-nazis or pantsuit nuns).

I'd love to see your responses!

Benefaciat vobis Deus!


  1. Confederate Papist,

    the issues you cite re the typical NO mass one finds in the English Speaking World was a not inconsiderable factor in my decision to convert to the Marounite rite, rather than the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church; Marounite rite does not battle with these unnecessary acretions of the past half century. the liturgy is holy, much of the mass is sung and/or chanted in the language spoken by our Lord when upon the earth - Aramaic.

    Our priests aren't hippy mamby-pamby people pleasers and the house of God is reverent. We ladies who are constrained to by impulse of the Holy Spirit and convincement re I Cor 11: 3-16 can veil/hat-wear/mantilla without drawing dirty looks or unchristian comments from our sisters in faith; it is live and let live. The feast days, Holy days and liturgical year are still rich and full. We have our own liturgical year (no ordinary time for the marounite) and cycle of Bible readings, saints days etc. At present, we are in the season of the exhaltation of the Holy (also called Glorious) Cross.

    Only a year into my formal conversion, there is still so very much to learn, but I am learning the faith in a loving, nurturing environment that is still Christ focused and not hung up on Western boomer, narcesistic naval gazing.

    I pray the Latin rite eventually catches up to the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church and Anglican ordinariate for that matter. all in God's time, my brother in Christ, all in God's time.



  2. With the help of prayers and an informed laity who prod (sometimes kick) the bishops in the direction of Rome, we can only pray that the New Evangelisation returns the Roman Catholic Church to her former ways.

    God Bless you Sarah!

  3. Just found your blog this evening.
    I come from a Church of England background (that's Anglican or Episcopalian to you - I was formally received into the Church at Easter, DG). I find myself responding in Cranmer's beautifully sacerdotal Tudor English "It is meet and right so to do". (After this follows "It is very meet, right and our bounden duty that we should at all times and in all places give thanks unto Thee..." etc.). How I miss the poetry of that sacred language!
    Ian in England

  4. Oops! Wrong article. Can you move it to the article above, please?
    Ian, England