Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Where will we go if Obama wins?

I've heard this question before.  I've wondered myself.

Many fellow Southern Nationalists have said an Obama victory would be good for the cause of Southern Independence as his horrible policies will destroy the US Empire and allow regional secession and/or fracturing to occur.  It's possible, however, Tyrant Obama will still have the big guns and the drones and missiles, and I believe, like his hero, Tyrant Abe Lincoln, he will have no qualms using them on anyone who dares defy his Imperial Greatness.  Many have disagreed with me because it will be hard for him to get people in the military and law enforcement to go along with that...but all he needs is the right number of high ranking military officers and big city mayors who think like him and a war, the likes no one has seen on this continent in over 150 years, will be had.  Whoever runs out of money, bullets and the will to fight will be the victors.  Since Tyrant Obama is the only one who can print money, I doubt he will run out of money....but money is useless if he loses his minions who will fight for him.

Another idea is an exodus.  It has happened many times over the history of the world.  People leave an area for many reasons.  We see in France where many affluent people are leaving because the new president of France is jacking up taxes on the evil rich.  So they leave and take their money with them.  I read the same has (and still is) happening in New York and Maryland.  I had once, tongue in cheek, suggested that we swap populations with Haiti.  They all come to the USA...and those of us that had enough, convinced that the American Dream, such as it is, is indeed dead...or that Southern Independence will never happen, go to Haiti to start over.  Where do you think the two places will be in five years?  I firmly believe that our New Haiti (which we will rename Dixiana) will be well on her way to being a free trade juggernaut in the world, an importing and exporting Mecca, if you will, meanwhile the USA will continue it's free-fall into the dust heap of history with it's social programmes, government sponsored racism and endless regulations.

So am I all wet?  Don't know.  I am not expecting a "Dixiana" would be a Confederate Utopia, but it will be a hell of a lot better than what is going on here now...and a re-elected Tyrant Obama will make it even worse.  Mark those words.  That's why I am writing this now, while I still can.  I will gladly retract if he loses, but I doubt it given the amount of fraud and corruption associated with this government...and I will be bold enough to say that when Tyrant Obama wins re-election, it will be last democratic election the USA will ever have and Tyrant Obama will be POTUS for life.

So like Neal Boortz always preached, make your exit strategy plans now while you still can.


  1. Hmmm. Cuba sounds nice too. Thankfully, I don't think the Yanks could put up with all the weather. Hurricanes level the playing field.

    1. Sending the Yanks to Cuba will be fine with me. We can start with the jerks that have taken over Florida. At least they'll be used to the weather. We can see how long it takes for them to ask Comrade Raul to force businesses to have bilingual signs, etc. too.