Monday, July 23, 2012

Boycott Boston

The narrow minded mayor of Boston, capital of Yankeedum (misspelling intended) is calling for a shutdown of any Chick Fil A restaurant in her city, citing their "intolerance" for gay (so-called) marriage.

Question:  where did Mr. Cathey say he "hated" gays or gay (so-called) marriage?

Answer:  He didn't.  He DID say his Christian faith was at odds (it's called paraphrasing people) with gay (so-called) marriage, but no where did he SAY he hated it.

Read Mayor Thomas Menino's ridiculous comments in the linked article: 

Fine. The mayor sounds like a little girl who got her dolly stolen from her.  Hey, Ms. Menino, we don't need your so-called tolerance or your money afterall.

 If I was the Cathey family, I'd shake the dust of Boston (and anywhere else in Yankeedom) off of my feet and build my Chick Fil A somewhere else.  Who needs that city full of liberal, anti American, anti Christians anyway?


  1. Don't call it "gay (so-called) marriage". Even with the "(so-called)", it's too close to the GLBT agenda, and you can't win with them if you give them even that much.

    1. I realise what you're saying. I use the term only because it is used by the MSM, new media and the general population (because of the MSM). I put the "so-called" term in there just to be an agitator and to anger the progs.