Sunday, July 1, 2012

The End is Nigh! With your help....

I don't mean that in a biblical sense.

With SCOTUS's ruling this past week it is very evident the Empire's attitude toward it's subjects is one of "do as I say, not as I do".  This continuation of the declaration of war upon it's citizens should tell you all you need to know that, with your help, the Empire is in a mode of desperation and recognises that it cannot sustain itself without more of your treasure.

Such is life in an evil Empire.  Look at the Soviet Union and it's failure to keep itself together.

Thankfully, many of the chief executives of the (still) sovereign States of this so-called Union are committed to non-participation in this totalitarian piece of legislation.  Governor Rick Scott of federally occupied Florida said on Friday that he will ignore the law...a nullification if you will.  It will be ultimately up the the legislature, but I believe there are enough Neo-coms and real conservatives in the legislature to approve nullification.  I hope I am right.

I encourage everyone reading this to put pressure on your State's legislative and executive branches.  Advocate for nullification of this law.  This is one step from secession...and (like secession) it's legal.  If enough States do this it could pave the way for independence from the DC Leviathan once and for all.

Remember...all it took for the Soviet Empire to fall was a wall coming down.  Is this our wall?

Wake up Confederates, sons and daughters of Dixie!

Deo Vindice!


  1. Do you listen to fellow southern Catholic Mike Church Show? He calls for nullification & secession almost daily :) If you don't you would like it... I'm with ya

  2. I have listened to his show and I do enjoy his "Small 'r' republican" show. When I'm on the road early enough in the morning I catch him on XM 125.