Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I am a big advocate of holistic medicine.  Maybe some of the readers are not surprised by that fact.

I am in full belief that God has given us all we need to cure ourselves in the foods that we eat.  I'm talking about natural foods, grass fed, free range, organically grown, etc. which is the way our forebears ate prior to "big food", etc. took over the industry.

So I subscribe to many of these types of websites and their newsletters and I was surprised that one of them had an opinion against ObamaCare's passage....and that his readers (not all!!) smacked back at him!!  What a bunch of jerks!!  Here this guy is trying to make his readers healthier with his research and products (many of which, if they are followed, healthcare would not be needed) and these a-holes are bitching and moaning and calling him a partisan hack because he advocates that WE take charge of our health, not a government entity.

As he stated, he is not political, however it is clear that regardless of political philosophy, this legislation is chock full of Marx and Lenin wet dreams...and it took a so-called "capitalistic" empire like the United States to enact this garbage.  Check out the link:  http://www.alsearsmd.com/the-supreme-court-decides/ and decide for yourself.

If you don't know Dr. Al Sears, check out the rest of his website and buy something from him.  He'll appreciate it...and your well being will too!

A disclaimer:  Dr. Al Sears does not know who I am and wouldn't know me if I bumped into him on the street, so I am not getting anything in return for talking about this, nor do I expect any.  He is just a long list of doctors whose articles and products I enjoy.


  1. Confederate Papist,

    Though you are likely already aware of the work of Philip Day (credence publications) if you are not, I would strongly recommend you get hold of two books; 'Health Wars' and 'Food for Thought' (a companion recipe book to the first of these titles I've mentioned.

    I also recommend www.worldshealthiestfoods.com as an excellent resource that is completely free of charge to access. Furthermore, every entry on fruits, veg, grains etc is thoroughly referenced so the reader can research for themselves from the relevant medical journal article, university study etc. Aditionally, I cannot recommend more highly the 'Slow food Manifesto'. regardless of the polotics of the Slow Food Movement, its manifesto is completely compatible with Subsidiarity, CCC2424, plus countless scriptural references that set the stage for the best way of doing things so humanity can be (even in our fallen state) as happy and healthy as possible.
    Slow Food here:
    and another concept that goes hand in hand,
    Slow Money here:
    Similarly, Google the Transition Towns concept along with its '12 ingredients' and the local 'fibreshed' concept.

    Big farmer and big finance along with their friends are not making life healthier or better, but quite the opposite, and for anybody who thinks there are no spiritual ramifications for how we take dominion over the resource God has given us, may I suggest reading Rev 11: 18...

    A fabulous post,
    but please do not be trapped into the 'if you only had enough faith/lived 'x' lifestyle' you'd be healed' camp. Your brethren with disabilities such as paralysis, vision impairment or cerebral palsy find this irritating at best, deeply hurtful at worst.

    1. This is good information. Thanks for the links. I will check them out.

      I know there are a lot of liberal tree-hugging freaks that are in to organic/natural foods...it's one of the few things they advocate that I whole-heartedly agree with.

      While I would not pontificate about "if you eat as such, then your life will be this", I do agree that mankind's well being is determined by consumption of real food and a clean environment (clean water, comfortable accommodations, etc.). Even if someone were afflicted with the maladies you describe above, I would say they would be able to endure those conditions a lot better than if they were eating the faux food that's out there.

  2. Confederate Papist,

    I think you will find the resources worth the time and energy spent on looking them up and studying them. From the time of Creation, our Heavenly Father provided an optimal diet for mankind (pre flood fruits, nuts and grains) that altered partially after the fall and extended to include flesh-foods post-flood. I spent 21 years as a Seventh Day Adventist of the 'Historic'/'Reform'/'Last Generation theology variety in which an emphasis on diet and health was central (known as 'the health Message') put forward for this denomination by its foundress E.G.White (who gleaned from writers/commentators of her day, not divine private revelation as the SDA hierarchy and EGW herself wrote for the membership to believe) all this to say, health (via Counsels on Diet and Food', 'Adventist Home' etc formed a significant pillar.

    If you've been reading the Catholic blogosphere, you'll be aware of my conversion experience to Catholic Christianity so i will spare you of its retelling yet again. All this to say, I come to Catholic Christianity with an appreciation of the centrality of health not only to our physical state, but to our mental and emotional states also. (abstanance and fasting aren't just for spiritual benefit or the sake of personal piety, they're GOOD FOR US = especially hard core fasts such as the Marounite lenten fast/abstenance regime; Additionally, they're good for God's creation ; meat abstenance and smaller meals twice weekly, for instance, has a positive impact on god's earth. .

    As a person with significant vision los due to coming into this world at only 26 weeks (back in 1970) which caused what is now known as Retinopothy of Prematurity and a host of other complications, I experienced the worst of the 'speak it, claim it' faith-healing theology in Adventism. Couple this with experiencing spinal fracture last year (compression fracture 20% to L1) and still walking, I know what flares the pain that is my companion most days and what favours it. If I can give my body the best chance it has under the circs, its the least I can do; after all, its the temple of the Holy Spirit and I owe it to God to be a decent property-manager.

    Re support for Catholics with vision impairment
    general Christian support
    bibles in Braille, giant print and audio
    tech for computer and print access



  3. Sarah,

    I've always enjoyed reading your thoughts on TCK's blog. Thanks for your comments here.

    I praise God that you were "rescued" by our Lord from the SDA's to our Holy Faith. I have acquaintances that are SDA's who deny the existence of heaven, thought Latin was extinct by the time of Christ (that's a new one), and of course, the hostility of the Catholic faith in general, and towards the Holy Father, specifically.
    The one thing, this person in particular, advocates, that I agree with, is the natural foods, healing, etc. She may not go about some of it the right way but a lot of what she subscribes to is a lot better than the poisonous and dangerous crap we know today as modern medicine.
    Thanks for all of the links!
    Blessings to you!